Dream Big – Weekend Movie Picks

Taking the easy route does not necessarily bring an easy result. On the other hand, not many take the hard way and make it work. Today´s movie selections are about those who didn´t give up even though their chances for succes were initially negligible. What their actions brought to them doesn´t require a long discussion. “Don´t limit your goals“ is the motto for this weekend´s movie picks.

The Climb 

And the first one is itself an extraordinary story.  The story of a man who, without any appropriate training, climbed the highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest.  A highly romanticized and idealised version of a true story about a man whose resume as an experienced climber was more science fiction than reality. Perhaps a bold goal, but not recommended for all to try. 

The World’s Fastest Indian

Based on a true story about a man whose infatuation for speed and his determination made him a legend. Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) spent his life improving his 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle to hit the speed record in 1967 that remains unbeaten till date.

Pay It Forward 

What if the world could start changing for the better, initially through the effort of just one person? A courageous idea about how one helpful act can lead to another and another, comes from a boy in elementary school. Yet would it work?


Joy is the story of an uncompromising journey from housewife to succesful business woman that began with a revolutionary invention. A hard journey through the wiles of the business world and the side effects of success transforms Joy from a naive girl to a strong and experienced woman.


Finally, once again an inspirational true story about a boy whose determination helped him to overcome obstacles to his footbal career which seemed to be insurmountable at the beginning.

Photo: IMDB

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