Deuxième Leçon En Français – with Canadian Films for the End of Summer

While the topics of French Movies made in France are often quite original, French Canadian Movies are on par. Get ready for the next round of French lessons, and enjoy the movies.

Jésus de Montréal (Jesus of Montreal)

Everything needs modernising, including the Church. An unconventional movie about a priest who hires a group of actors to come up with a new, controversial interpretation of the life of Jesus. As the plot unwinds, the main protagonist begins to experience trials of his own.


Family secrets can be shocking. Jeanne and her twin brother Simon could confirm this. A notary has just given them instructions from their deceased mother to deliver letters to their father, who they thought was not alive, and to their brother, about whose existence they had no idea.


One day he is strolling aimlessly through life, then his girlfriend informs him that she is pregnant, and now…he is the father of 533 children, who were born from his generous sperm donations more than 20 years ago. For David Wozniak, it is a time to grow up and start a new phase of his life.

Maman est chez le coiffeur (Mommy Is at the Hairdresser’s) 

And lastly an indie film set in the ‘60s. When their mother leaves for a job in London and their family ends up in ruins, Élise takes the situation in her hands to save what can be saved. The film won many awards.

Photo: IMDB

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