Creative Rituals to Welcome Fall into Our Homes

Dear readers, get your blankets, candles, and coffee ready, we are about to get cozy.

We are starting a new, refreshing chapter as we slowly feel the transition in our bodies, while shorter and darker days are on their way. We are excited to welcome crispy fall mornings. To further honor this transition, here are some creative ways for you to welcome fall into your homes and apartments. 


Leaf Hunting

Once you step on those colorful, crunchy leaves, the fun is guaranteed! Make it a tradition, gather them up, run through piles of leaves, make a collection, use them as bookmarks, you name it! This is the best way to use nature’s beauty in this marvelous season. 


Cozy Blankets 

As Gen-Z says nowadays, ‘chillax’! There is nothing better than enjoying a lazy weekend in your comfy pajamas. September is the perfect month to start packing your summer clothes and pulling out the blankets and the oversized sweaters. This will definitely give you the feeling of fall’s cool temperatures. 



Besides putting pumpkins in our yards or apartments for decoration, you can use them to make pumpkin pie, as well. Oh, and since we are mentioning food, now is the perfect time to roll your sleeves up, and turn your oven back on! Considering how the weather is finally cooling down, your place will smell wonderfully with whatever dish you are preparing. Especially, if you are using so-called fall spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, rosemary, saffron, and others. 



I personally add candles pretty much everywhere, as they have the power to transform my apartment into a glorious temple of mindfulness. Adding candles provides the room with a warm glow at any time of the year, but especially in fall. If you are one of the lucky ones, who owns a fireplace, try to start it when it gets too cold.


Outdoor Fire Pit

The tradition of roasting marshmallows for smores never gets old! This way you get to sit and get warmed up around the fire. I have to say, this is something that makes us comfortable to just watch the fire in the crispy weather of fall. Bonus fun, if you have someone near who knows how to play the guitar.



If you are searching for places to go to enjoy fall you should consider a vinery. This is the time when the weather cools down and winemakers start to harvest their grapes for processing. This way you’ll also enjoy wine tasting if you are a fan. 

Sipping warm drinks, apple picking, and baking pies are just some of the joys that fall has to offer. I hope you get to enjoy it even more with the rituals mentioned above. 



Photo: polinaloves/Shutterstock


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