5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Good For Your Mental Health

There are many reasons to have a furry friend in your life, in this article we will focus on top five.

Considering what is going on with the world lately, every once in a while one just needs to feel relaxed and forget our problems for a little while, but then anxiety and worry kick in, and well yeah, you know the drill. Talking to friends about how we’re feeling are always welcome. However, have you happened to experience the pure and sincere love a pup can provide you with — especially after a hard day? Here’s how getting and taking care of a dog can improve your life gradually.

Companionship and Support

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Dogs provide exactly these two, they help you better manage your feelings of anxiety, while easing them up. As a dog owner, I look forward to coming back from work knowing that Lara, my furry friend, will wait at the door wagging her tail with happiness, giving me hugs and kisses once she sees me at the door.  Dogs provide you with a sense of ‘togetherness’, and this bond that you create between one another will help you feel less alone. 

Dogs Are Good Listeners

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They are always there for us when we are feeling down or upset. We often get the impression that they somehow know that something is going on and they just lay down in the bed with us to give us emotional support. We tell them all of our secrets, we confide in them and the best thing is that they don`t judge. Regardless of what you are doing, unconditional love goes both ways. 

You Become More Physically Active

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Dogs will give you a reason to go outside — that is if you don’t want your house to turn into their bathroom. Once you get outside, you`ll get some of that fresh air yourself, you`ll get active by walking or playing with the dog. By being this active, you`ll eventually improve your sleeping schedule, your mood, and mental health. 


You Connect with People

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Owning a dog, you’ll definitely socialize with the other fellows while having a walk at the park. Dogs are great socializers. Once they see a friend of theirs, they see an opportunity to interact, maybe by Hum Hum-ing each other or by their secret dog language. This encourages us to connect with their owners and spark a conversation with a stranger. Connecting with other people has never been easier. At the end of the day, we are all social creatures and these connections can make us thrive in positive interactions with people. 


The Most Important Benefit of All — They Love Us Unconditionally

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There is literally nothing better than having your furry friend all curled up with you in bed on the bad and the good days. They don’t care about our gender, resume, size, or our dancing skills. They teach us how to be altruistic, empathetic, and compassionate. 



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