Construction Abilities Of Animals

It's interesting to learn from nature. Animals in particular have an endless source of inspiring ways how they construct their homes. That being the case, their methods can inspire projects by humans. After all, a spider net has such properties that it's used by humans right from medicine to bullet proof vests. Check out the best of them.

Discover with us new facts about animals and their constructive abilities.


Their method of housing is difficult to overlook. Their ‘skyscrapers’ even maintain the temperature inside.

Constructive abilities of animals
Red Termite Hill, Namibia Africa
Constructive abilities of animals
Termite mound in Kakadu National Park, Australia



A naturally made paper mass creates a useful building material which also looks good. By the way – there is a constant 30 degrees Celsius inside the nest except during winters.

Wasp’s nest



Spider fiber is very elastic and extremely strong. Spider web was used in traditional medicine for its content to stop bleeding and today scientists have been inspired into building some of the lightest and toughest materials.

Spider net


Satin bowerbird

The reason for constructing very charming and aesthetic nests is to lure the female. It is fairly simple – the better looking the home with fabulous colorful compositions, the better the chance for mating.

Satin Bowerbird with his masterpiece – ready to impress



Beavers obviously are well equipped to work with wood. And so do they do. Starting from cutting trees they create an entire water unit covering a system of several chambers. One can´t even call it a nest – it’s more like a bungalow.

Beavers – born to work with wood
Beaver lodge in a lake



With ants, one has to start with the fact that they can carry several times their own weight. That sure must help their construction work. Plus many of them pitch in. What is one to say about an anthill?

It is like an Egyptian pyramid, except that it’s made for living, where every aspect of an ants´ life has its own dedicated space. Starting from storing food to raising the little ones.

Big anthill with colony of ants

Photos: Shutterstock


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