Confusion In Names – Where Am I?

Almost every year there is at least one such news about someone who traveled to an unintended destination because of two or more places having the same name. I wonder if some of these people eventually explored their unplanned destinations which might have been well worth it. For them and all of you,  here are a few examples.

Sydney, Australia  and Sydney, Canada 

Sydney, Australia / Photo: Martina Advaney

Sydney port in Nova Scotia, Canada / Photo: Shutterstock

Paris, France and  Paris, Texas 

Paris is a little more confusing because of the presence of the most iconic Eiffel Tower, in Paris. France and in Paris, Texas.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France / Photo: Flickr – Y Nakanishi 

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas / Photo: Flickr – Nancy <I’m gonna SNAP!

Waterloo, Belgium and  Waterloo, Canada

Lion’s Mound, Waterloo Memorial, Belgium / Photo: Shutterstock

Waterloo Ontario Canada / Photo: Shutterstock

Lebanon country and Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

Ruins of Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon / Photo: Shutterstock

Lebanon, USA / Photo: Flickr – Doug Kerr

Memphis, Egypt and Memphis, Tennessee

Pyramid of Djoser, near the ancient city Memphis, Egypt / Photo: Flickr – Cale Woodley 

Memphis, Tennessee / Photo: Shutterstock

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