Beyoncé Is Back with Renaissance

Queen Bey is back with her seventh album after a six-year-long wait.

Beyoncé is back, ladies and gentlemen. In 2016, Beyonce released Lemonade and wowed the world once again with her incredible artistry. Now, after a six-year wait, she’s released Act I, Renaissance, of her new three-part project. Being one of, if not THE, best artists ever the expectations are always at the highest imaginable level. So, let’s take a look at the tracklist and go through some of the most noteworthy songs from the new 16-track album.  


Renaissance Tracklist 

The first track is Beyoncé setting the tone for the album. She is in a bragging mood that might suggest this will be more of a laid-back album in terms of subject matter. The second track is Queen Bey in full force. Her tone is smooth yet it showcases a certain type of self-control that only one of the biggest artists ever can exude. She’s “one of one” as she says so herself in the third song Alien Superstar. Her interpolation of Right Said Fred is evidently much better done than what Drake did last year with his album. In fact, as you go through the tracklist you’ll notice that the entire album has a dancing rhythm that surely will dominate summer charts everywhere. 

The track Energy has a vibe that will get you into party mode. Renaissance flows very well from song to song. The transitions are something to behold for sure. The production aspect is also, expectedly, great. Beyoncé herself worked as a producer as well. Her first single from this album that she released a while back — Break My Soul — has already shown incredible numbers. Just don’t get too carried away and quit your 9-5 just because Queen Bey told you to do so, as tempted as you may be to listen to the Queen. In comparison to her last album, here there’s more of an emphasis on having fun and less on saying something of deep personal substance. 

Early on, Virgo’s Groove seems to be the favorite among listeners. It is a vibey six-minute song that finds Beyonce in a sing-y happy mood. The song also continues what is clearly the main theme of the album so far — sensuality. On the last leg of the album, All Up In Your Mind has a very intriguing synth that brings something new to the table. A futuristic sound takes over in Pure/Honey while the last track Summer Renaissance sort of encapsulates everything from previous songs and closes the album perfectly. 


Early Reception 

The first single Break My Soul which was released on June 20 already made it into many top-10s globally. The high-energy, dance-y, fun-infused beats have already received acclaim from critics and regular listeners. Renaissance certainly does House music better than Drake’s attempt earlier in the year with Honestly, Nevermind

Although only the following weeks will truly show how played the album will be on different platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, one thing is already clear. The album has received great reviews and with the name Beyoncé attached to it, there is zero doubt that this will be yet another classic that audiences will gravitate toward for years to come. 

Two more parts of this three-part project are expected to come out within the next few years, so it’s safe to say that though fans have waited six years for this album, they won’t have to wait too long for the next. 


Photo: A.RICARDO/Shutterstock


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