Best Valentine Surprise – Sweetest Meringues

Valentine is coming soon and that certainly is an occasion for something sweet for your loved one. Weekend is around the corner when you can take the time to plan something you would create yourself. We at YT have prepared for you, an easy recipe which will make your partner love you even more :-)

The best part of this recipe is that you really need just two ingredients  which are always at home: eggs and sugar. The rest is all about the ratio and patience. 


For one egg white you require 75 grams of powdered sugar. Add a small pinch of salt and food colour if you wish. 

The important part is to keep all containers and tools clean. While whisking the egg whites, there must not be even a tiny part of the yolk, otherwise it will never foam. 

Create the water bath and in inner pot, mix sugar and egg whites. While the water boils in the bottom pan, whisk the mixture until you reach the point of a soft solid and a glazed blend.

To recognise if it is really done, lift up your kneading machine and then mix a few drops into a pot. They should remain the way they‘ve fallen. The mass should not run.

After that fill your confectionery bag and squeeze out the desired shapes for your meringues.

Meringues are not supposed to be baked, only dried. The oven temperature should be 50C for about 2 hours.

Have fun 🙂

Photos: Martina Advaney






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