Best of 2016 – Movies Reflecting Today’s Life

Another year has passed, and we at YT have prepared for you a list of movies that were released in 2016 that in some way or another reflected the life of that year. They are thrilling, surprising, sometimes shocking, but most importantly guarantee a great viewing experience.


It is hard to believe this movie is a debut production. The film will absolutely immerse you in its action. And talking about action, there is constant change in Divines. The story takes place in one of the suburbs of Paris, where 16-year-old Dounia lives with her best friend. Both are dreaming of perfect futures with lots of money, while living in a kind of ghetto. As a step towards her goals, Dounia joins the local underworld of drugs, smuggling, and stealing. A tough Teenager who wants to became an adult sooner than she can manage.

The African Doctor

Based on actual events, the movie tells the story of a freshly graduated doctor – Seyolo Zantoko –  who is trying hard to settle down with his family in a small French village near the Belgian border. The initial incomprehension of the local people eventually changes to acceptance. Although immigration has now gone on for several decades, immigrants in France are still a very hot topic, and so-called „racial comedy“ is not a typical theme in the movie industry.

The Fundamentals of Caring

Another big subject in life and also in the movies is the challenge of dealing with personal tragedies and limitations. Ben has experienced a loss, and as he tries to come out of it, he starts working as a caregiver. His very first client is Trevor – physically disabled but temperamentally a teenager. In the end, two kinds of paralysis (emotional in the case of Ben and physical in the case of Trevor) may be beneficial to each other.

Little Men

As quickly as a friendship between two teenagers can be formed, at similar speed can their parents become enemies. It is not the story – which is fairly simple – but the abundance of details which add sincerity to this movie.

American Honey

An American Dream is the topic for an unusual road movie. A young girl, Star, has a lousy family and two siblings whom she is looking after. When an opportunity comes along, she doesn’t hesitate and hops into a van with group of young people who are crisscrossing the USA and selling a useless magazine.

Photo: IMDB

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