Best Movies For St. Patrick’s Day

We haven't forgotten about St. Patrick's Day at YT. As we do every Friday, we are coming to you with an offer of thematically linked movies.  This week will be no exception, and for this special day, we have selected movies dedicated to Irish stories and settings.

Life’s a Breeze 

The next time you plan to surprise your grandmother with redesigning her house, make sure she hasn’t stored her life savings among her throw-away stuff. Briefly, that is the plot of this playful comedy from Ireland. And when we talk about savings – we are talking about something in the neighborhood of 1 000 000 Euro. In a time of economic crisis, this is more than a good reason to take by storm all the dumps in the neighbourhood.


The Secret of Kells 

A Belgian-French coproduction, this brilliantly masterful animation movie will catch your heart. A story of old legends, a mysterious book, the secret of the illuminations in old books, celtic mythology, fantasy, and one great adventure.


A story from 50s of the last century about a girl who, at the instigation of her sister, moves house from the Irish countryside to the middle of hectic Brooklyn.  Her initial homesick slowly gives way to excitement when she meets her new boyfriend . . . until the moment when circumstances call her back to Ireland, leaving her newly established relationship behind.

The Commitments 

Get closer to the journey of a soul band  from Ireland called The Commitments, from the beginning of their career, struggling with choosing the musicians, straight to the top of showbusiness. After the movie’s success, the band came back together and called for another concert tour.

Leap Year 

One of the presumed Irish traditions is that on the 29th of February of a Leap Year girls may propose to their partners. Anna is a careerist with perfectly linked existence with respect to her professional and personal life, both. Apart from one tiny detail: her long-term boyfriend has not proposed to her as she expected. Taking her chances, she decides to follow him on his business trip from Boston to Ireland to propose to him. Only this is not the end of the story…

Photo: CSFD

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