Best Festivals In May

As we do at the beginning of  every month, we bring you a wide spectrum of festivals around the world in May. There is something for everybody, whether it is good films, music, dance, or even a little craziness. So make sure you make a reservation - May comes with its best.

CINCO DE MAYO (Puebla, Mexico)
May 5, 2016

A Festival to commemorate the Battle of Puebla in 1862 is celebrated, above all, in Puebla, while there are other places, including in the USA, where similar ceremonies take place. You can expect a  never-ending parade; and when I say never-ending, you can trust me, it is long. While the details of the parade change from year to year, the length of it, often taking several hours, remains constant. Although the festival proper takes place on May 5th, the whole event continues for 20 days, full of great food, art, and events like concerts, dance performances, and theatre.


May 11 – 22, 2016

The Cannes Film Festival needs no introduction. For almost two weeks it is the place for celebrities and their paparazzi. Originally a political gesture dating from the 1930s, the Cannes festival later became simply a celebration of fame and absolutely the „thing to do“. So do not hesitate and start getting reservations.

(Hay-On-Wye, Wales)
May 26 – Jun 5, 2016

It began as a small gathering in a Welsh village  and then expanded. The Hay Festival has since migrated into several different places in the world. A  feast of thinking, reading and writing, literature – poetry, novels, essays and plays, culture –  this is the Hay Festival.{youtube}4cLFwp7Fp50|600|450{/youtube}

May 30, 2016

Some people shake their  heads in disbelief, others consider it an unrivalled feast and spirited gathering of people who chase a huge cheese down a hill. One thing is clear: every year it is an occasion for numerous injuries, among them dislocated  legs or  arms. On the other hand, this is the craziest feast you can imagine, dating back to the early 19th century. The exact meaning, though, has been lost along the way, and so there are several versions of what it could be about. Whether it was a festival of fertility, a celebration of spring, or just an unusual competition among  villagers, nobody cares too much any more.

(St. Petersburg, Russia)
May 27 – Jul 31, 2016

Another festival of arts – music, ballet, film, opera – in St Petersburg. A gorgeous celebration with spectacular fireworks. The most popular event – the Scarlet Sails –  dates back to 1922. The festival goes for several weeks and includes also a lot of amazing outdoor events.

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