Best Festivals For Young People In June

Month after month, we come back to you with the most interesting and most distinctive festivals around the world. June is not going to be an exception. Get inspired, book your tickets, and get yourself to where things are happening. Given that the five festivals in today's article are going to be held in the second half of June, there will be plenty of time for you to plan your trip.

In June, the second half of the month will bring the summer solstice, and two of our festivals are connected with that. Paradoxically, one celebrates the summer solstice and the second one the winter solstice.

STONEHENGE SUMMER SOLSTICE, Jun 20 – 21, 2016, Wiltshire, England

Let‘s take a look first at the summer solstice observation in Stonehenge, England. This will take place on June 21. And considering that it is in England, don’t forget your rain coat – the chances of rain are not that small. After all, what better time to visit magical Stonehenge than during this period of the year? There is usually free acces to Stonehenge from June 20th at 7pm until June 21st at 8am.

INTI RAYMI, Jun 24, 2016, Cusco, Peru

As a contrast to Stonehenge, let‘s see what is happening in the southern hemisphere, in Peru in particular. Peruvians takes their Inti Raymi seriously, and on June 24th in Cusco they will start a celebration in honour of the Inca god Inti (the Sun). As noted above, this celebration will observe the winter solstice, and activities will include colorful costumes, lavish banquets, and festive music. Check the video and get tempted.

QUEENSTOWN WINTER FESTIVAL, Jun 24 – Jul 3, 2016, Queenstown, New Zealand

Let‘s stay for a while in the southern hemisphere to see the Queenstown Winter Festival in New Zealand. Just in case you are missing the winter and the snow, here you will get it all in abundance as the Kiwis welcome the winter in style. The ten day celebration features around 60 events. More info

WORLD BODYPAINTING FESTIVAL, Jun 27 – Jul 3, 2016, Portschach, Austria

Quite a different event is the Bodypainting festival that will start late this month in Austria. Get ready for a colourful event that will open your eyes. The starting day is June 27, and the festival goes through July 3rd. Artists from 40 countries will shock and entertain you with their skills in several categories.

HARO WINE FESTIVAL, Jun 28 – 30, 2016, Haro, Spain

Wine for breakfast? Not a problem at the Haro Wine Festival, where you will literally be soaked head-to-toe in fermented grape juice, which is a sign of the succesful culmination of the event. So don’t be surprised by the uniform purple colour in the crowd. There is going to be something for everybody, so long as you like wine. Also be prepared for bullfighting, dancing, and most importantly enjoying yourself in the happy atmosphere.

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