Benefits of Tidying Up

Have you heard of how tidying up can affect your mental health? It gets even better, research says 20 minutes of housework can help to cut your stress by 20 percent.

Oftentimes we would wait till we have a special guest coming over to tidy up our house. Or wait till we hear the auditing team will be coming over to the office before we put things together. One of the popular reasons why I and people would tidy up is because Christmas is just days away.

The relief after tidying up is the best feeling. Interestingly, I have never considered that to be a health benefit. Until I was open to the benefits of decluttering. Tidying up is also a kind of exercise, I would say, and just as with the other kind of exercises we need discipline to keep up with it. The next time you are hesitant to tidy up your hall, bedroom, kitchen, and office you should consider these benefits that I will list down below.


Tidying Up Keeps You Fit 

A 2010 study from Indiana University suggests that people are being physically active while they keep their homes tidy. A daily routine for tidying up your space could match up to losing some weight. 


It Reduces Stress

As stated before, 20 minutes of housework can cut 20 percent of your stress. Typically, it is normal to get stressed when our rooms are cluttered. You will have to spend extra time to find your favorite shirt because it is hiding somewhere in the cluttered closet. The worse part is when it gets tangled up with dirty clothes. You end up showing up late and stressed for the event. Take time to declutter and stress will be out of your lifestyle vocabulary. 


It Gives You Clearer Thinking 

You can not think straight when the whole room is messed up. A cluttered room is enough distraction. According to a study, clutter limits the processing capacity of the brain. The next time you want to make a decision, consider clearing the room. You are likely to regret the decision you make in a cluttered space.


It Prevents Injury 

Navigating through a cluttered space can be difficult. Untidiness can cause domestic injuries. This benefit must be a ringtone in every mother’s ear. Mothers should ensure they declutter daily because of their kids. Their actions make them prone to injury. Have a storage for their toys to keep you safe from injury as well.


It Generates a Sense of Accomplishment

A tidy environment deserves an award whether or not it has to do with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Back in my nursery, primary, and junior high education days, there was always a slot for the neatest person during our speech and prize giving days. Teachers would applaud them and ask their colleagues to do same. When you get older you do not get this same energy from people but you feel good about yourself whenever you tidy up. Decluttering is part of self care. It is a great achievement for you when  you are able to welcome in unannounced visitors to your home or office without hesitation. You do not need to keep them waiting while you tidy up.

I believe keeping an organized space helps you stick to a routine that avoids decluttering. Investing in products like storage containers for vegetables, fruits, and items for your kitchen can help you identify unnecessary things that must be thrown out. Also, owning  a hanger, a shoe rack and wardrobe can also help you declutter your bedroom. 

Decluttering must be a part of our lifestyle. The next time you feel overwhelmed and want to encourage an untidy environment please remember these benefits. 



Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock


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