Grocery Shopping: Tips to Save Some Coins

Grocery shopping is inevitable in our life. To some, it is an addiction and to others a necessity. The higher inflation recorded in the United States and major European economies is reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to have an impact on global financial conditions. In this regard, mastering the act of saving a penny or more however you can is necessary. How can you save some money off our grocery shopping?

The pandemic got most people glued to their kitchens due to the lockdown, thereby encouraging grocery shopping. The US is said to have broken generational records at the time. People spent more money at the supermarket than at eateries. “Grocers saw eight years of projected sales growth packed into one month,” The New York Times revealed. This record has come to stay.

In this article we will look at 10 tips one can take advantage of to save money while shopping for groceries.


Have a List

The temptation to trust your memory when shopping for groceries can cost you to shop less or more. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and ended up buying things you already have at home? There is no way you can exempt impromptu buying if you do not have a list. Your grocery shopping style should also affect your grocery list. You can take note of your style by determining how long it takes for you to visit the grocery store from the last time you did. Are you a weekly or monthly shopper? That should reflect in the list.


Stick to Your Grocery List

It is key to have a list but are you disciplined enough to stick to it? Or did you anticipate you were going to find that new item you didn’t need? Kindly put it back on the shelf, and you can add it to your list for your next trip. That money can get you some fuel. 


Find Promotional Items 

There is always a promotional item on sale at the grocery store. It might not be the brand you wanted but it will serve the same purpose. I would always scan through the store thoroughly and go through the ends of the aisle to look out for brands running promotions. 


Compare Prices

There is so much that goes into pricing. Location to services influence pricing from store to store. Visit two-three stores and compare prices before making a decision. You would be surprised to find an exact brand going for different prices. 


Ignore Pre-Made Items 

Though pre-made items are bound to save time, it equals to the price you pay. The shredded beef, chicken, or cheese is priced considering the convenience they give you. 


Buy in Bulk 

Buying in bulk is cheaper. The prices keep changing week after week so it’s best to buy in bulk to save money, time and transport. While you do that, not every item is advisable to be bought in bulk if you do not have the means to store them. 


Buy in Season 

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal. They are also cheaper in their seasons. Taking advantage of that can save you some money. You have to get the best storage for them so you can eat them while they are off-season. You can wash your vegetables, seal them in ziplock bags and keep them fresh in your refrigerator. 



Check Out for Manufacturing and Expiry Dates 

This warning from Food and Drugs Authorities must never be underrated. You are likely to shop for expired goods. The negligence of the storekeeper to keep expired items on the shelves must not be your negligence. The worst scenario is to eat the contaminated food. You would have to spend extra cash on your health if you are unable to prove your illness is caused by the grocery store. 


Partner with Friends 

This tip works better for college students. Partner with friends to shop. You can buy more for less. 



Shop Online

Shopping online helps you stick to your list and budget. Unlike shopping physically where you can be surprised at the counter if you do not calculate while you shop, the items you add to your cart are automatically calculated when shopping online.



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