Assorted Selection of Engaging Movies for the Weekend

The list of films we have prepared for this weekend comprise a mosaic of intricately balanced human destinies. Two of them are based on true stories that support the power of the messages conveyed.

The Leisure Seeker

Ella & John are an elderly couple who are cruising through USA with their old caravan, bound for Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland in the title roles prove conclusively that their acting skills are not fading with age.  This is a fabulously charming film that does not repeat the usual clichés about aging and instead establishes its own point of view. Filled with both kind and hard humour, the film inspires some hope for good cinematography.


Made in Dagenham

Sally Hawkins also belongs among the aces of the film industry. Her petite figure and cute expressions will properly surprise when she morphs into an angry activist. Made in Dagenham is a film based on true events that took place in 1968, when 187 women stitchers at the Ford Motor company went out on strike for equal pay for women. Rita O’Grady (Hawkins) stood up and became the leader of the movement for stopping discrimination against women.


האופה מברלין (The Cakemaker)

An offbeat look into a love affair between two men. Thomas is a confectioner in Berlin, where he meets Oran, who travels from Israel to Germany on business.  A love affair between the two of them begins, but after a few months a fatal accident takes them apart.

After Oran’s death, Thomas decides to travel to Israel to seek and meet Anat, Oran’s unsuspecting wife. An intimate drama uncovers the complications in the characters’ relationships.


Ted – För kärlekens skull (A Moon of My Own)

While the Swedish group ABBA came to worldwide awareness mainly thanks to their success in Eurovision and conducting international tours, Ted Gärdestad didn’t achieve a similar success. Not that he didn’t participate in Eurovision, or didn’t plan an international tour… Ted Gärdestad experienced a rocket-like success in 1970s which made him a pop star at home in Sweden, when he was only sixteen years old. By the time he was ready to go international, his psychiatric conflicts limited him both professionally and personally.  Adam Pålsson turns in a phenomenal performance as Ted. Interestingly, the two of them also have in common an undeniable resemblance.

Photo: IMDB

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