Следующий урок иностранного языка – A Selection Of Russian Movies

Time to visit Russia this summer...if not in reality, surely on the film screen. The list of Russian movies we have  prepared  for you will introduce you to some classic drama, a true story and a film related to  current topics. Sit back and enjoy.

Дурак (The Fool) 

Dmitrij Nikitin is a repairman callled in to attend to what might be a minor or a major problem with a building, as a replacement to the regular engineer. As it turns out Dmitrij suspects the building might colllapse and begins the evacuation process to eventually come up with the conclusion that things are not as they should be.

Две женщины (Two Women) 

The story is  based on the book Moon In The Countryside by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev and portrays  a drama of one complicated romantic triangle. Natalie Petrovna lives with her husband,  a 10 year old son Kolja and a 17 year old foster daughter Věročka. To add some spice to her life which is otherwise filled with boredom and routine, she often flirts with the best friend of her husband,  Michail Alexandrovic Rakitin. Her flirtations remain within the norms of acceptable decency until the situation changes dramatically with the arrival of Nikolajevič Beljajev who comes to teach Kolja. The confusion and chaos begins with the situation where Ratkin expresses his love for Natlie but she falls in love with the student/teacher Alexej and the foster daughter admits to being in love with him, as well.

Возвращение (The Return) 

After 12 years of knowing their father only from the one picture they have, the circumstances change for the two brothers Ivan and Andrej when their father comes back to take them on a holiday. While one is glad to find his unknown missing father, the second brother struggles with the newly found idea of having his father around. The entire trip turns into a dramatic experience.

Бабуся (Granny) 

Tusji is an old lady who becomes a ‘burden’ on her relatives once she gives away her house to her grandchildren. Thus begins her movement from one relative to another until the film takes you to an unexpected end.

Итальянец (The Italian) 

This is a film based on the  true story of Váňa a six year old boy who lives in an orphanage. The year is 1942. Váňa gets an opportunity to be adopted by an Italian family but he has a wish,  to see his mother who he has never met before and he decides to follow his dream.

Photo: IMDB

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