Unusual Animated Movies Grown-ups Would Like

Cartoon, puppet or animated movies are very a specific category. Where some people might still see attributes of children’s fairy tales and others would easily recognise the possibilities of an unique spectacle with many dimensions.  This week we would like to introduce you to 5 unmatched movies (by technique, style or plot).  All of them were warmly accepted by the audience and won various awards. 



Persepolis is an autobiographic movie by Marjane Satrapi, who is also the author of the eponymous comic book. She is of Iranian origin and lives in France. The story with lightness and ubiquitous humour shows the growing up years in Iran during the Islamic revolution, war with Iraq and the subsequent departure to Europe through the eyes of little Marjane who is transforming into a rebelious teenager and finaly a woman, experiencing two completely different worlds,  Arab and European.

The Comic book was translated into many languages and is also considered the first Iranian comic book of all times. The movie was nominated for an Oscar and won several presigious awards. Surely a great movie to watch and at the same time it is worth reading the comics. Both are excellent works.

Mary and Max


Mary and Max are two totally incompatible characters, who are divided by half of the world and they still are able to form an inseparable bond. Mary is an 8  years old girl living in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, has an atrociously horrible family, no friends and considers herself ugly and unattractive. One day she comes up with an amazing idea to write a letter to a random address and the recipient is none else than Max. Max is obese forties of Jewish origin with Asperger syndrom, living in New York. This film by Adam Elliot from 2009 introduces two lonely people who find a new direction in their lives by having each other.



Charming and original, mythical fairy tale not only for children from environment of Africa. Kirikou is tiny but a brave child who is not afraid to stand up even the dreaded witch Karaba. Karaba terrorises an entire village but that is soon going to change. 

This is a visually and narratively extraordinary film, directed by Michel Ocelot in 1998. Ocelot himself spent part of his childhood in Guinea and the surrounding exotic environments influenced him a lot in his later work.

Waltz With Bashir


The next movie is another autobiographic and war film from 2008 – story by  Ari Folman. It has original lessons from the recent history of the Middle East.  An unusual form of animation is used to add an extra dimension to the story of one night of 1982 and what happened next. Emotive, moving, horrific and engaging. All at the same time. Memory is a powerful tool and some things are simply better forgotten.

The movie won several awards and was well accepted by critics.

Fimfárum Jana Wericha


This is an animated series of little stories from the book authored by Jan Werich, directed by Vlasta Pospíšilová and Aurel Klimt was released in 2002. The beautiful choreography and depicted puppet portraits has not only humorous stories about the human weaknesses, but also strong characters and furthermore a great storytelling style by the author, from the sixties when it was recorded as an audio book. Fimfárum may seem rather a movie of fairy tales for children, but the humour, sarcasm and consciseness of the scenes often with aspects of the modern world can undoubtedly entertain adults as well. The story where hell takes the role of alcohol treatment center says it all.

Fimfárum also made two sequels.

Photo: IMDB

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