5 Tips to Keep Your Business Going During Difficult Times

The last two years have taught us that the unexpected can and will happen, and no matter how prepared you are, there are going to be huge obstacles to overcome. […]

The last two years have taught us that the unexpected can and will happen, and no matter how prepared you are, there are going to be huge obstacles to overcome. Even when circumstances are out of your control, it can still be easy to blame yourself for experiencing hard times. However bad you feel during these dips, the best course of action is to fight your way through it and see your business survive. To do so, here are five things you should do when the going gets tough.

Maintain Quality

Don’t let your quality of service drop. It is easy for your mood and feelings to manifest itself in poor staff performance and overall quality of service. Try to keep staff motivated and don’t stop making improvements to your business. It could also be an ideal time to start introducing new ideas. If you run a fleet, GPS tracking software will allow you to monitor driver performance and the optimize the routes they are taking. This will reduce costs and improve customer service. If you have a team working in an office environment, research some collaboration tools to streamline communications between different departments. Do whatever it takes to takes things up a notch to ensure you’re providing quality.


Innovation will be the key to getting through your struggles. Extraordinary times will call for you to start thinking outside of the box and implementing solutions that are relevant to the situation. You will need to learn how to protect your online identity first, but if you aren’t selling online, then you should start.You might also need to start delivering your products yourself. If this is the case, make sure to utilize routing scheduling software to plan your stops beforehand and help you deliver your products in a timely manner.  Research the trends and innovate your business towards fulfilling your customer’s needs.

Look at the Big Picture

This will not be easy, especially if you are trying to keep your business afloat, but once you get through the difficult times, you will be prepared for anything. You should always keep in mind how much work you have put in to get this far, and that the struggles you are facing currently won’t last forever. You can also see it as a learning experience that will prove to yourself that you have the determination and desire to succeed.

Make Sure You Have Access to Cash

When business is bad, access to cash will obviously be more difficult. This is why it is wise to keep an emergency fund for such situations. Having this money available will relieve some of the stress and pressure you are facing, and also allow you to continue making improvements or innovations you need during hard times.

Inventory Your Staff

You will have to assess the roles of your staff and whether they are needed or not. This won’t be easy, especially as you are dealing with a human element and the emotions involved. However, for your business to survive difficult times it may be necessary to cut staff levels. If there are members of staff who are capable of handling more than one role, it is going to be cheaper to allocate them these tasks than having two people on the payroll. Take the decisions needed or sentimentality could ultimately cost you your business.

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