5 Refugee Movies Which Capture The Essential Qualities Of Patience, Humility, And Humanity

The refugee crisis, as it has been called, is still a hot topic. While some look at the refugees as human beings, others consider them to be intruders, often supported by the media. This week’s five movies speak to the topic of immigration in general. It is admirable how beautifully these movies capture the essential qualities of patience, humility, and humanity. Do not miss them.


Living and working in a foreign country is not easy. Working in Teheran as a girl is illegal. When a daughter is the only family member who can work to feed the family, then pretending to be a man becomes a daily task for all of them.


A seventeen-year-old Kurd, Bilal, makes his way to Calais, in France, intending to go to England to meet his girlfriend. Getting there is not as easy as he imagined, and his situation leaves him with only one option – swimming accross the English Channel. Lacking the necessary skills, he joins swimming classes conducted by an instructor called Simon and builds an unusually strong bond with him.

Nicky’s Family 

Shortly before the start of World War II, an unknown British man – Nicholas Winton – spent several months working on a project of his own, to bring hundreds of Jewish children to safety from a homeland which had been taken over by the Nazi regime. Winton´s actions remained unnoticed and unknown until his wife found documents relating to the 669 children he saved in their attic. She contacted those who were saved and their families and prepared for her husband the most moving surprise – a meeting with “his” children. This acted documentary follows his work in this critical period of his life.


Ernesto lives with his family on Linosa – an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Fishing, the island’s traditional source of livelihood, is not meeting the family‘s needs any longer, and therefore many of the island‘s inhabitants are trying new ways to make a living – often in tourism. When one day the sea brings in a group of African refugees, the family has to make an important decision. Hide and help them, or report them to the officials, which they are legally required to do. Both protagonists – two women from different parts of the world – have one desire in comon: to seek better lives for their children.

The Kite Runner

A movie based on the best selling book by Khaled Hosseini brings you the story of two best friends, Amir and Hassan. Their lives go separate ways when war reaches Kabul in the 1970s, and Amir´s father escapes with his son to America. But after Amir becomes a successful writer and gets married, he recieves a phone call from Afganistan to come back and save Hassan´s son, who has been taken prisoner by the Taliban.

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