5 New TV Shows to Get You Through the Season

The best shows this fall to relax with.

You put your sweaters in the front part of your closet, you’ve looked up recipes for apple pie and the first rain of the season has already fallen. Outside, you can hear the leaves crunch.  It’s time to roll yourself up in a blanket, get your favorite snacks and put on a good show. But what should you watch first? To make your decision easier, here are five new programs you can binge on this fall.


Sex Education

Have you already watched the newest season of Netflix’s Sex Education? If not, then you should definitely dedicate a cozy fall weekend to catch up with this heartwarming and quirky coming-of-age dramedy. 

Sex Education shines through in its natural depiction of diversity, its open approach to physical intimacy, friendships, relationships and the struggles many young people have to deal with in the 21st century. Taking a genunine look at the topics of sex and love, this show is as educational as it is funny, endearing and contemporary. Whether you’re a teenager yourself or an adult who simply likes to enjoy great television – this show will most probably appeal to you. 


Midnight Mass

If The Haunting of Hill House was about grief and The Haunting of Bly Mannor about love, then Midnight Mass, the newest addition to Mike Flanagan’s opus, is most certainly a horror drama with guilt, regret and religion at its heart. Set on a small island in the middle of nowhere, this show follows a community of people whose lives change with the unexpected arrival of a very charismatic priest. However, miracles and leaps of faith aren’t the only things that suddenly start happening in this isolated place. Followed by strange disappearances and unexplainable events, it seems that episode after episode the border between angels and demons is getting ever so slightly thinner.

Aside from a magnificent cast, led by Hamish Linklater, Kate Siegel and Zach Glifford, as well as a variety of inner conflicts each of the characters go through, the interesting thing about Midnight Mass is just how much it borrows from the director’s own life. Flanagan himself grew up on a similar desolated seacoast town, raised in a catholic family and, like Riley, one of the protagonists, struggled with alcoholism for many years. Thanks to this kind of authenticity, an air-tight script, an original approach to mythological themes, and paranormal fiction, this Netflix shows threatens to rapidly become a modern classic of the genre. 


Squid Game

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet these past few weeks, you’ve probably heard of Squid Game. This South Korean show took the world by storm ever since it first dropped on Netflix in mid September and is to this day one of the most streamed content ever added to the platform. So, in case you’ve managed to somehow avoid it up to this moment, this might be the time to reconsider your decision. 

With a Hunger Games-like premise creatively borrowing and incorporating different real life issues into a fictional version of our world, Squid Game is one of the most intelligent, entertaining and harrowing programs you’ll come across in modern TV. Part social commentary and part gruesome thriller, it’s a must watch for a reason.



In the spirit of cult classics like Sex & the City, Fleabag and HBO’s Girls, Insecure is one of those contemporary TV dramas you’ll be able to relate to from episode one. Not only will you be able to see yourself in the many awkward, sad and infinitely funny moments the main character Issa finds herself living through, you’ll also empathise with the fact that someone finally made an authentic comedy about the mess you’re in when you’re in you’re twenties.

After five years on-air, starting this October, Insecure is going into its final season. This is the perfect time to binge through the first four installments and to say goodbye to the heartwarming characters. Writer and director Issa Ray created the show for all of us who don’t feel like they have their lives together.


What We Do in the Shadows

Perhaps a ’horror’ mockumentary might sound too specific and weird to be something you like from the get go, but What We Do in the Shadows is potentially one of the funniest and most original shows currently being aired on television. Adapted from Taika Waititi’s 2014 movie of the same name, this satire follows a group of vampire-roommates living in Staten Island and trying to…well… find their way around as best as they can.

Thanks to the unconventional format and lovable  characters, this lighthearted hidden gem is exactly what you need to get a break from your everyday life. This show is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and with the third season having wrapped up at the end of October, you’ll have a lot of new content left to enjoy.

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