5 Films Reflecting The Conflict On The anniversary Of The End Of WWII

This week is going to be an 71 st. anniversary of the end of the WW II. As a contribution we prepared for you five movies with this thematic. Yes, the list covers only movies related to the commemoration of the 2nd World War, but surely we won't stay with one genre only. Obviously there you find couple of dramas reflecting the sadness of human's struggling in the unenviable situations. But, we also added a comedy which fights with completely different kind of weapon – humour, and there goes one absolutely ridiculous piece where the hated Nazis were not only humiliated, but the director decided not to slavishly follow the unfortunate sequence of events, and change the history instead. Well done. Enjoy watching.

The pianist

A movie by Roman Polanski based on memoirs of a brilliant polish pianist and classical composer Wladyslaw Szpilman, performed by Oscar winning Adrien Brody. Szpilman was talented since he was a child and therefore supported in further studies by his family. The upcoming WW 2 and its restriction against Jews first complicated the daily life for him and his family, which gradually changed into a transport to a concentration camp. Nobody of his family, which included three siblings and parents, surived war. Szpilman managed to escape and was hiding till the end of the war in Warsaw.

Sophie’s Choice

A movie with Merryl Streep in title role based on the novel of William Styron. The beginning writer Stingo is coming to New York where he lives next to a couple of Nathan and Sophia. He becomes a friend with them and gradually is revealling the tragic events of Sophia’s life back in times of war in Poland where she as a Polish Jew not only went through the concentration camp, but more importantly made the most torturous decision of her life, that was unavoidable, nevertheless had a dismal impact of her future life.

The Cuckoo

Just before the end of the WW 2 between Russia and Finland are two of the members of enemies camps condembed to death by their own people. They are both left in void taiga to their destiny. Young Laponia woman Anna saves them both and despite being from enemies countries, speaking different languages, the three of them have to spend next several coming days in one camp, which turns out to be not that easy. Slowly the real values are appearing on the surface.

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino with his another ridiculous violent movie – controversial Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino is not bodered with the history events and forms instead an unusual military unit lead by american lieutenant Aldo Raine(Brad Pitt) with a clear aim to liquidate Nazis up to the highest posts. In paralel with them stands young woman Shosanne, who runs a little cinema. Shosanne witnessed her family being murder by Nazi as a little girl and her major desire is to revenge. When her cinema is to be hosting an entire Nazi elite, her goal cannot be more obvious. Two genious plans though can become a trouble. This movie has one thing for sure – excellent and colorful movie characters.

La Grande vadrouille

This movie is a comedy from 1966 about two british soldiers being shot down above Nazi occupied France, performed by Bourvil and Louis de Funès. While being separated, they have to find out each other again, incognito of course and quickly back to the british territory. Their journey through the occupied France in disguise and with help of civilians is a humorous adventure full of unexpexted stories.

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