Youth Time International Movement Launches The Youth Time Podcast

Youth Time International Movement has unveiled a new podcast to give a better voice to young people, whilst inspiring stories from around the world.

The Youth Time Podcast, hosted by Olivia Hupp and Youth Time Magazine editor, Josh Donaldson, will be talking to community leaders and industry experts from across the globe to get to the heart of global topics affecting young people.

They also want you to get involved too – you can get in touch with them on social media or via email at

The first two episodes are now live on Spotify, with more platforms being added in the coming weeks and months. 

Olivia explained that the podcast gives the movement another dimension to talking about how young people are changing the world. 

She said: “I am really excited to be launching this podcast with Josh. It has been a project we have been working hard on for a couple of months and we are excited for people to hear it. 

“Not only are we hoping that our listeners will find information and inspiration from our podcasts, but hopefully they will get to know myself, Josh and YTIM better over future episodes. 

“We also want this to be about our listeners, so if you are making a difference in your community, no matter where you are, get in touch with us and tell your story.

“We are not the finished product yet, but we want to make a light-hearted podcast that also tackles some of the world’s biggest issues and we are excited to share that.”


YTIM Events

The movement is not only producing podcasts but other web content too. Away from that and this magazine, they are creating online webinars and interviews to give young people the chance to learn new skills as well as hear from experts on topics they are passionate about. 

Later this month, as they travel to Serbia for their Media Information and Literacy Event: How to Live in a Transforming Digital World, supported by Erasmus+, where you will be able to participate in a number of live sessions to increase your knowledge of media literacy. 

For more information on YITM head here, and make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Spotify where new episodes will be dropping twice a month. 

Along with The Youth Time Podcast, more YTIM goodness right here:

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