Vacanze Italiano – With Italian Speaking Movies

Italy resonates with summer vibes so what could be better than a vacation in Italy? Can't go this year?...Never mind, our Italian speaking movies will bring Italy to you. 

These are a great way to improve your Italian language skills, though you could also combine them with a free online Italian course.

Benvenuto Presidente (Welcome Mr. President) 

Guiseppe Garibaldi is a librarian living in a forgotten Italian village. He generally lives a simple and a quiet life. He’s unaware the parliament has voted for a namesake – the Italian nationalist and politician Guiseppe Garibaldi, who’s long been dead – as the new president.  Well, so Guiseppe Garibaldi the librarian becomes the New president and goes on to rally against corruption to the distress of the seasoned politicians.

Trailer only in Italian with possibility of auto translated subtitles

Gianni e le donne (The Salt of Life)

Since his retirement, Gianni  has been tolerating his extravagant and egocentric family who pile on him, requests and orders.  In silent resignation he accepts the new reality…until his old friends introduce him to the unspoken benefits  of retired life  in the form of the lovers they all have.  To achieve success  takes Gianni some time,  though.

Perfetti sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) 

Disaster comes  from nowhere.  A group of old friends think they know each other more than well.  In an innocent game they decide to share all messages,  phone calls,  tweets and posts that  they receive  during  a dinner.  And that one evening together reveals their true personalities.

Incompresa (Misunderstood) 

Aria is nine years old.  She has two step sisters and famous parents who are separated.  Unlike her sisters,  she is misunderstood and treated as an inconvenience by  both of her parents.  As a result she keeps going back and forth  with her backpack and a black cat  from one parent to another,  until one day she accidentally ends up lost on the street…


First loves are unforgettable and it’s no different  for 13 years old Renato.  During the war in 1941, he lives in a sleepy Italian village, where nothing can be expected at all. This is when Malena, who is the most vied for woman by all men and hated by the women enters the village and Renato’s life changes.

Photo: CSFD

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