University Cities – Basque Country in Spain

Straddling both France and Spain the Basque Country is well known all over the world for its fight for independence. The conflict went on and on from 1959 to 2011. And 2011 saw the Spanish part of the Basque Country become an economic powerhouse that fobbed many an economist.

Although the official language is Basque, Spanish and French are commonly spoken.

The region is celebrated for many of its landmarks, a strong work ethic, its distinct cuisine and the unspoken motto of work well while enjoying life. The Basque are warm hearted and friendly people.

While Vitoria Gasteiz is the the capital, Bilbao is the economic capital.

Bilbao / Photo: Shutterstock

Over the last few years a fair number of international students head for the Basque Country on account of its beauty and people. The Basque people are unique unto themselves, be it the music, food or even sports they have it all what is commonplace only to the region. While many think of this part of spain as rustic, interestingly they have a pretty large share of Michelin starred restaurants.

The river, the sea and the architecture are the main attractions in Bilbao. The region has many other beaches and of course the Pyrenees.

The University of Basque Country

The University of Basque Country which is a public university offers a wide range of courses and as usual we would recommend you visit their website to identify the courses most suited to you. The university is spread over many campuses.

Official website

Cost of Living

Studying in the Basque Country, you will not want for human company and will find many friends among the locals and the foreign students. A fairly large number of families welcome paying guests and are happy to share their food with you which is delectable. A budget of approximately 1100 $ will allow you to live quite respectably inclusive of shared accommodations.

Title Photo: Gorka Palazio

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