Universities in Malta – a Practical Guide

A tiny island nation with an area of just 316 square kilometres, Malta is among the smallest countries in the world and at the same time has been in the foreground in many respects. This country is very popular with foreign students.

The university fees in this country are not counted in terms of annualized payment but in terms of credits. Full time undergraduate courses are free for the citizens of the European Union, however, others have to pay 1080 to 1360 Euros per 8 credits. For a bachelor’s degree you will ordinarily require 120 credits. This is usually accomplished in 4 years.

Even though a significant percentage of students in the country are either locals or those from the countries in the European Union one still finds students from most parts of the world in Malta.

San Anton Gardens in Attard, Malta

Apart from quality education, the country stands out in several visible features. It was ruled by many, from the Moors to the British and is rich in heritage sites. It has almost as many cars as people and traffic jams are common. For students public transport buses would be the best. Students find themselves many activities. Exploring the country in itself is a pleasure with so many heritage sites and places to go to. The best among these are the Ggantija Temples, Auberge de Castille, San Anton Gardens, Tarxien Temples and Fort St. Elmo. The weather being mid most of the year spending time at the beaches and going snorkeling or diving is another popular activity.

Tarxien temple complex – Megalithic Temple

Nonetheless, most of all, students wait for the MTV festival which is held in July and is one vast party.

You will generally find the people quite friendly and communicative. Maltese and English are the official languages.

List of Universities

As usual, we would recommend that you go through the websites of each of the institutions to see what best meets your aspirations.

University of Malta
Official website

St. Martin’s Institute of Higher Education
Official website

Official website

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
Official website

Institute of Tourism Studies
Official website

American University of Malta
Official website

Cost of Living

The cost of living for a university student comes to between 1,800 to 2,100 Euros with a little bit left out for entertainment.

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