It is the anniversary of my debut album “ISAAC, Vol.1”. As I close the book on a well appreciated project, with many talented musicians slaying their efforts on these monumental tracks, let's dive into the world of love and relationships. This album centers around a past relationship that fell apart at the seams. Through musical soul searching and realizations, will the story proclaimed through song have a happy ending?

We start the album or story of the relationship with an impulsive, mind altering trance combined with an eerie and sensual atmosphere. The wave-like motion of the lyrics and the sexual undertones, allude to the extreme infatuation with a lover.

The track “Time” depicts the illusion that “love is a drug”. This feeling comes from the longing to connect with someone.

The relationship has reached its sexual and emotional peak and each other begins to symbolize the same heartbeat.

Isaac Herron Photo by.kaca
Isaac Herron Photo by.kaca

The idea that love can take over your body and mind in a poisonous nature, is abundantly accurate. With love, one can become hungry for it, seeking the need for it or someone in order to reluctantly breathe.

“All we need is time right now, let me give you mine right now, I can be all things you need, baby come lay with me”.

The song also expresses the need to grab time by the hand and hold on tightly. The connection individuals make and the yearning for each other is designed to either slow down or speed up time, depending on love’s trance.

The vulnerability that comes with asking another person to give their heart, soul and time is a difficult thing.  It can be one of the hardest things to do. When accepted, love hits each other like a ton of bricks and they embark on the journey of connection.

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“Sitting on the red eye, I am trying to get somewhere! A bit closer to you, can you meet me in our hideaway?” After the lust and heavy emotional connection slows down to a simmer, there is a moment in which things within the relationship become second nature.

The story comes to a place of loving “contentment” between each individual. Within relationships, there is a period in which one could create an unpoppable bubble. “I will be your ecstasy, baby come float with me!”

The bubble centers around the two specimens, leaving everything else around them faded profoundly in the background.

For some relationships, you cannot help it! It’s an unfiltered reaction when relationships create a life together. In the track “1994” the neo-soul, head nodding ambience simulates this notion through a cloudy, dreamy world of translucent lyrics. This chapter of the story could also resemble (for example) a couple finally moving in together, starting a new life together!

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Isaac new cover for itunes / Album cover by: Saranellieart 
Isaac new cover for itunes / Album cover by: Saranellieart

“Don’t you walk away, watch my heart grow 10 feet tall. You remain the same, you loved me at a different pace.” As the years fly in the wind like the delicate autumn leaves, there is a sad shift that can cloak itself onto a relationship. This chapter in the story is all about realization. When two vulnerable souls strive to maintain the connection that they made in previous timeframes, it can become strenuous. The sad and darkest truth is that some relationships just don’t last for what was expected. There is a change or understanding of the powerful difference between two parties. Arguments become a constant occurrence. Distance becomes wanted more than closeness. In the track “Can’t Take Me home” it is the understanding that a break up is the only solution. “No, you can’t take me home” lingers through the end of the song, as one recognizes that the relationship has run its course. There is another realization through the process of letting go. Love is a two-way street. Faults are not only blamed on one person. With this knowledge, the healing process will be a heavy endurance, but the step towards a better tomorrow is crucial.

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“One of these days, I’ll regret you. Troubled my bones with no apology, gave my all for a quick fix, nothing said or done.” This part of the album centers around the topic of self-worth. In the track “Sippy Cup”, the chapter comes to an upbeat atmosphere of pure musical instrumentation. “Don’t you play the fool tonight, with that simple heart, I know you won’t find a better man than me.” The track shows a rain of confidence as the lover realizes how important and worthy enough, he is for optimal love. In this situation, a comical undertone lays persistently on the drum and bass line, as the lyrics mutter “Take your memories, back and I’ll keep my sanity intact.” This is a revival. It is an awakening for all that is hope. That the lover will and can break out of the dark and foggy cloud of the break up.

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“Whether you are near or far, listen to my pure heart.” The listener falls back into a trance, but a lighter one in contrasting to the track “Time”. “Dear Universe” centers around home, family, friends and independence.

The song explains that through the craziness of the world, and the factory of life we are programmed to fuel, love has no boundary.

There truly is no better love than your friends and family. It is those individuals that truly help you climb out of darkness and are always there for you in time of need.

“Just ride your own wave” lyrically trails on through the track as it symbolizes or capitalizes on the feeling of truly being oneself. In the midst of all the negativity, “promise me that you wrote regret, those good times, so no regrets, don’t pretend that you can hide those loose ends, it’s okay, just ride your own waves.”

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“Greyhound, Monday morning cannot wait to see you. Hope I’m not the only one to please. I’m in love with ‘far away’.” We end the album with the lover transporting himself on the Greyhound, an American bus transportation company.

The last chapter of the story, through the essence of a breakup, ends on a semi-destructive note. I always read “When you are hurt, you tend to hurt others.” That statement, yet subjective is what happens to the lover in this tipsy story. “Don’t cry, when I tell you I need you and I hold you tight, don’t get lost in my eyes, I will not recognize.

My hearts a ‘stowaway’.”  With the pain resonating from the past relationship, the song depicts that the lover has become less emotional and unconcerned with other people’s emotion.

The desire of sexual hook ups and passive relationships, is a result of the lingered pain.

“Don’t let my love bring you down” falls into a techno atmosphere of tangible sounds, voices and electronic aesthetic.

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Although the story ends on a sour note, the lover continues to live through life with his heart on his sleeve. What will happen to the lover next? Watch out for ISAAC Vol. 2 coming very soon, to find out!

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Photos: kaca; Album cover by: Saranellieart; Shutterstock

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