The Strength of Music Education

Music, like many other musicians, is my heartbeat. It gives me a reason to breathe and prosper every single day. However, why is music such a scary subject to invest in through the academic world? I have heard it all before, I have seen all of the eye rolls. What is it about studying music that makes people deflect in a revolting manner? Musicians have seen tremendous benefits in studying music in universities throughout the world. It is through academic efforts that musicians gain the knowledge and perspective for an optimal career for years to come.

There is a strong stigma surrounding the value of music education after high school, but also in general. It feels like almost yesterday I was being asked what I wanted to be when I grow up from my humble grade school teacher. I remember being in a pool of classic responses “I want to be a doctor” I would hear faintly In the distance “I want to be a veterinarian”, “I want to be a lawyer”. As my turn approached for a reassuring answer, I could remember my heart pounding outside of my body. With my palms of my delicate hands forming a settle sweat, I would respond. “I want to be a singer!”  You would think a response to a dreamer like myself would be hopeful and encouraging, yet it was nothing of the sort. A kind nod in faint approval would be the likely conclusion to a deemed nonrealistic dream. The problem is, is that society is all about money. Growing up, parents are designed and instilled to push their dreaming children to pick a profession that stabilizes a solid career and a healthy financial outcome. Does everyone have to become an engineer, lawyer or doctor to be deemed socially successful?

What blows my mind is how individuals do not view music as a profession when all people do is listen to music! Music helps them lose that depressing weight gain through motivation in the gym. Music adds the cherry on top to a perfect day with family and friends. Music even aids monumental or pivotal moments such as weddings, as walking down the aisle to angelic music only paints a more extravagant picture. If music is what you love, then refining it through hard work and determination is apparent. Some music lovers choose the route of studying in a university to further their musical endeavors. But the stigma follows into the university walls. Many people scurry away from the idea of studying music or art in general in worry or fear of future financial stability. Music education can set one up for good financial gain but more importantly, a solid career.


Why Should You Go to Music School

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Networking. With an industry-based strongly on connection, forming bonds are crucial for career purposes. One of the great benefits of studying music in a university is the relationship and network built around a creative subject choice. In my opinion, one of the main reasons to study at university is to meet other dedicated and smart people who share the same interests and dreams. In the music industry, these people will end up becoming your future bandmates, business partners, and clients. Through the core learning process, these individuals also serve as mentors and friends to help mold a strong foundation.

Learning about the music industry can be a tricky subject. There are many different lanes to ride down in terms of entering the music profession realm. It’s important to be knowledgeable of such avenues and how to correctly proctor yourself into the mix. Learning and studying the foundations of music business help form a strong education surrounding contractual developments, in a low-risk environment.

But the main reason why people study music in university is to improve their ability. The truth of the matter is that mastering any musical avenues requires practice, practice, and more practice! The skills learned in classrooms, benefit the artist’s development academically but also personally. The stigma is slightly true in nature as financial success in music is rare. More likely, one would be working a job in addition to doing music. It is personal growth that allows the individual to grow in ways they may have never done before, if not for the university structures.


Why You Shouldn’t Go to Music School

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Music school isn’t for everyone. According to, the reality of university, in general, is that it is not for everyone. Not all musicians benefit from the training in a classroom setting. The heavy push on music theory rather than performance can shy an individual to want to break out of the academic structure. Some musicians drop out of studies because they simply received all the information that they needed! A three to four-year commitment of studies may be too long for a musician that is driven by emotion and feeling.

The cost of studies can also shy musicians away from furthering their musical development through an academic perspective. If the teachers are subpar and the musician is not grasping the cultural music environment, it could actually hurt their career. Picking the proper and best school for the musician is crucial.

I have had the pleasure of knowing many musicians that furthered their studies in the university hemisphere. Many of them went to sing backup for artists such as “Zendaya”, “Nicki Minaj” and “Kanye West”. All of them miraculously agree that their further studies helped them gain a perspective in terms of molding a solid career in the musical industries. Others I have been acquainted with, go on to become music professors, guiding other musicians for artistic excellence. As a musician, it is most important that you remain doing what you love. The negative feedback regarding musical studies should not shy you away from furthering the unique studies in music. Remain to push towards your goals, no matter what it costs. Strive to learn the best you can and continue to make the world a more musical place.

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