Netflix Unleashes New Trilogy Fear Street

Netflix continues their streak of releasing new content with a three-part series, Fear Street. We take a look at the new horror series.

Just days ago, the streaming platform Netflix released one of the horror and detective onscreen Fear Street Part 1: 1994

The film was directed by Leigh Janiak, who cut her teeth in mystical, let say the horrific stories in either variety of it. 

She is familiar with the horror universe – she was also one of the directors of the Scream series in 2015, took part in producing the first season of the Damage Done, and also on the way to present the other two parts of Fear Street. The second part was released on July 9th.


300 Years In The Making

Fear Street is a story from the 17th century when a curse from the Shadyside Witch is executed and condemned to eternal torment in hell. 

Years later, the Shadyside Witch recovers. Or rather, her malediction. She begins to choose victims to drive them crazy, forcing them to commit murders. The most notorious crimes happened in 1666, 1978 and 1994. 

The first part starts in 1994, in Shadyside, with a brutal murder in a shopping mall. Among the victims was a schoolgirl who was stabbed to death by the same schoolboy, dressed in a mask and dark suit. 

This news spread throughout the city – the witch has returned, and looking for new victims. 

Deena (Kiana Madeira) and her ex-lover, then a younger brother and a couple of friends – drug dealer Kate (freshly baked actress Julia Rehwald) and her partner Simon (Fred Hechinger) – have to overcome the devil power, to save themselves and almost the entire city.

Pros and Cons

The plot seems trivial and obvious. On the one hand, it does, because with so many films in the horror genre, it already requires more force to surprise the viewer. 

Here, for instance, Simon, a familiar face, although young. He played the teenage murderer, Ethan Russell, from the recent thriller The Woman in the Window

And protagonist Deena, herself, starred in Flash, in the role of Spencer Young. Thus, Kate has not yet appeared on the big screen the actress is pretty showy and factual. 

In general, you know, Netflix has powerful pros and cons over their experience compared to other broadcasting platforms – to turn the world of existing cinema upside down and find new faces to be iconic. 

They have no prohibitions in the plot (after watching this one, you will understand what I mean), as well the main character found himself in a meat grinder, where it simply chopped the brain into small pieces. 

And another protagonist was hammered in the head. Why not? Children sold drugs at school – well done. Did kids use drugs in high school? Yes. 

And how would the plot with the curse of the witch seem scary? When the real fear was in what was happening in such small cities around the world.

All this flow with drugs, fights, love, suicide and doom in the wilderness is probable. 

And about the fact that no witch curse is needed to feel a full brain-grinder of those conditions, sometimes, children accept and endure. What if you’re not like that? 

As King’s manner, but in a lightweight form, where the inner pain is not so obvious, because the whole emphasis was taken by the brightness of colours, the picture, the style. And of course the music, by Pixie, how could it be to forget?

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