Music and Fashion: The Perfect Siblings

Fashion. The particles of clothing that express our bodies shield and protect one’s personality. The power of fashion is impeccable. It is part of our everyday life just like music is! However, the power of fashion has many attributes or layers to its impact. Fashion paints much of society and its history. From the flowing pants of the late 1960s hippie movement to the skinny pants influenced by the rock kids of the early 2000’s, fashion indeed defines cultures.

The history of fashion is a book of wonders that span from the damn of time. With a musical correlation, music’s impact on the world of fashion has been a strong force to recognize.  This wasn’t such a huge surprise as to why the powerful entities would work together so effortlessly. This notion surrounds the topic of individuality. Music, throughout the years, became a defining component to describing one’s personality.  An individualistic nature and intimacy music, creates for self-awareness, fashion does the same. Music and Fashion, influencing each other always will be a partnership for generations.

Through the epic period, where jazz filled the clubs and speakeasies of the 1920, The scandalous and even inappropriate genre of music at the time, sparked much controversy due to its feminist and diverse listening audience. Fans of jazz formed the “flapper” attire for women. The “flapper” style centered around short dresses, loose clothing and no bras. However, the liberation surrounding music and clothing foreshadowed much need for social change.

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Ever wondered when the birth of disposable fashion appeared on the scene? With the huge burst of television, movies and the explosion of popular radio music, the fashion department stores left their audiences of adults to more of the younger generation. Artists such as rock and roll legend “Elvis Presley” painted the image for teenagers everywhere as clothing became to resemble the entertainment nature. With the intense growth of popular music fashion designers had no choice but to gravitate to the moving and influential market.

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According to “Vocal.Media” the European hemisphere, specifically the music listeners of London, became heavy listeners to the modern sounds of jazz. The club kids and fashion-conscious individuals known as “Modernists” or “Mods” developed the subculture of the 1960s at the time, as Rhythm and Blues (Soul) reached the European lands. As the middle of the 1960’s approached, the beatnik mixture of modern fashion became one of the biggest styles in fashion history! Mod fashion still remains a top influential style for fashion companies. On the other side of the world, the American soil became accustomed to the hippie movement. As the Vietnam War trailed on, artists such as “Jimi Hendrix” and “Janis Joplin” began to develop music of political activism and music for change. The drug infused and laid back atmosphere allowed fashion to flourish through silk clothes and loose fitting attire.

Listen to Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze”

The 1970s introduced impactful genres that reached audiences around the globe. Birthed from Mod culture, punk rock incorporated reggae, rock and soul. The musical entity began to change as the intensity of aggressive rock took over. The social movement developed through punk rock focused on freedom and individuality, going against the regulated status quo. Through clothing made of handmade items and vibrant colored hair, Punk became the true essence of a subculture.

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With the introduction of science fiction and intricate special effects, Glam rock became a focal point of pop culture. The sci-fi influence birthed the sounds of “David Bowie” and “KISS” as the Avant Garde, out-of-the-box vocal performances influenced the youth culture and the fashion industry. The glam rock clothing became the dress code for all thing’s underground scenes and clubs.

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In the 1980’s, Goth music melted out of the sounds and structure of Glam Rock. Originally known as death rock that shadowed a perspective on dark and gloomy topics, death rock began to develop into New Wave and synth pop. Goth music listeners were prone to fashionable habits such as wearing all black and gothic fashion in which reflect spooky and or horror attire. The teen angst of the global world was growing at an extremely high rate. By the 1990s marketing through music and fashion lived and thrived off of the younger audiences. Artists such as “Kurt Cobain” express their anger for the world thus creating Grunge Music. The edgy persona melted into the fashion. 90’s grunge style still remains recognizable in the world of fashion. However, the sounds coming from New York, LA and Detroit expanded the fashion and music audience forever. Hip hop and its culture became a huge part of street fashion. The urban influence of rap, molded into a specific fashion mainstream attire still popular in modern societies.

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Also coming from the 1990’s generation, electronic music thrived in the underground scene. Through the drug infused underground parties promoting Love, Peace, Unity and Respect became a popular musical entity. UFO pants, leg fluffies, and bright rainbow attire polarized on the electronic scene for years long after.

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I always appreciated the world of fashion. Fashion allowed me to channel my inner self confidence as I embraced my body as well as my bubbly spirit. As a child, I faintly remember stealing the scissors from my father’s office, and cutting off the sleeves of my cartoon t-shirt. Or, drawing on my pants to get it that perfect amount of edge. Fashion is everything. The relationship between music and fashion has always been a prominent factor in my life. As my music library grew, my style fluctuated with the movement. In my rock days, my pants indeed got tighter, along with my accessorizing with colorful bracelets and converse. With my hip hop phase, the tight pants became extinct, replaced in a quick motion with baggier attire. From my obsession with jazz, sophisticated blazer paired with matching dress shoes, would be my favor of choice for fashionable expression. The truth is, is that the evolving self-music trends compiled into what results today. My fashion choices still are a bit influenced from what I listen to, however through the years of development through both elements, I am content with the clothes I wear. Fashion and Music is a never-ending cycle. Music does bring people together and feed our souls, but it’s crazy to realize how much fashion does the same.

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