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Smartphones. We all have them. Those hand-sized appliances became little extensions of our hands, which are constantly connected with our brains. And once you have one, you can’t imagine your life without it anymore. Like it or not, we must admit our smartphones can be extremely useful. Especially if we know which mobile apps serve us best. In order to balance our lifestyle with communications, fitness, relaxation and even daily curiosity, here are some must-have apps for your mobile phone.

Stereomood – What mood are you in today? Sleepy, energetic, aggressive, or you just feel like sitting on the toilet? Stereomood turns your mood into music and creates a playlist that suits you the best. Like other streaming music services, you can purchase music, share it via Facebook, Twitter and email, view artists’ information, and favorite and ban songs. If you’re a music lover, always looking for new artists and at the same time change your mood quickly, Stereomood gives you a perfect combination of music that fills your ears through all the moments during your day.

Eat. Drink. – Imagine if the world’s best chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and food stars got together and shared their favorite food shops and places to eat and drink all over the globe. When you feel hungry, thirsty and on the go; Find.Eat.Drink. is the app you should immediately download to your smartphone. Being hungry is never good and if we can have all the best food and drink places gathered together in one app, you have a guarantee of a delicious meal just around the corner.

Zombies, Run! – It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s interactive and what is more, it makes you run. Seems like zombies have reached the ‘work-out area’ of our lives and they want us to move fast, stretch our muscles and have fun doing it. Zombies, Run! immerses you in an action-packed game and story mixed with your own music, whether you’re jogging in a park, running along a trail, walking to work, or even running on a treadmill. If you want a serious workout you can turn up thrilling zombie chases that force you to speed up to escape the hordes. Yep, you will run for your life and much faster than Forest Gump.

Duolingo – Do you want to learn a new language or just refresh a language you know but you haven’t spoken for a while? Duolingo helps its users with written part, images and voice challenges, prepared on a daily basis. The app currently teaches Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese to English speakers, and teaches English to speakers of those languages plus Dutch, Russian, Hungarian and Turkish, with more on the way. If you decide to download it, I suggest that you not use the voice part in public; otherwise people can give you some strange looks when you whispering the names of all animals in German in your phone.

Voxgift Winston – Winston is a personable British butler ‘living’ in a mobile app that enlightens your day every time you use it. If you prefer listening instead of reading, it can be more than ideal for you. Winston’s users can have their Twitter and Facebook feeds, or areas of the news that interest them, read aloud in a really fancy-pants voice. You can swipe to jump forward or scroll back through the briefing. If you don’t want all your news, you can also select an individual channel for your brief. You can watch the slideshow of images as Winston reads the news to you in his choppy but charming British accent.

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