History Of Central Park In Pictures

Central Park – a notable landmark in New York City, a green oasis (sometimes also referred to as the lungs of New York) surrounded by skyscrapers. With a sizeable area of 843 acres, it might be assumed that the park was always a part of the Commissioners' Plan. The opposite, however, was the case.  New York City’s population expanded rapidly before the second half of the 19th century, and the growing need to escape from the rush and noise of the city became the question of the day.

We should mention that every major European metropolis had an attractive and iconic park, and so New York high society wanted to have one, too. 

The original planning phase disclosded there were not many choices available to provide a park, but the finger of fate soon fell on the places on the map where just a few residents had established themselves, above all Seneca Village, which housed a small community of African Americans and Irish immigrants. Around 1,600 residents were evicted to make room for the eventual Central Park. 

The commission for the design was eventually given to Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux and their concept of a “Greensward Plan.” The park was completed in 1873.

Map of Central Park in New York City (1875) / Photo: Wikipedia

Terrace and gondola, Central Park (ca 1894) / Photo: Shutterstock

The Terrace, Central Park (1902) / Photo: Ashley Van Haeften

The Mall, Central Park (1902) Photo: Ashley Van Haeften

Start of toy yacht race in Central Park (ca 1910s.) / Photo: Shutterstock

As a result of the Great Depression unemployment jumped rapidly and that went hand in hand with people losing their homes. This ensued into shanty towns being built across the country. They were named Hooverville. The largest one in New York City was in Central Park (1933) / Photo Shutterstock

Hooverville in Central Park (1933) / Photo Shutterstock

Aerial view of Manhattan – Central Park Today / Photo: Shutterstock

New York Central Park / Photo: Shutterstock

Central Park / Photo: Jorge Láscar

Central Park / Photo: Robert Young

One of 36 bridges in Central Park / Photo: Shutterstock

For Christmas atmosphere – Christmas Shopping in New York 1900 – 1936

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