Fitim Adili: A Professional Who Is Reaping the Fruits of LinkedIn Networking

Are you curious about using the best out of LinkedIn professionally, but you’re not sure how or where to start? This interview may give you some ideas.

Fitim Adili is a software engineer from Kosovo, who has finished the university of electrical and computer engineering and is now working in Hamburg, Germany. I came across him through LinkedIn, as the work he shares with his LinkedIn community kept inspiring me daily. That is why we’ll go through Fitim’s LinkedIn journey together, to unfold his interesting experience!


When did you start using LinkedIn? 

I have been working as a freelancer in the field of ICT for several years. As far as I remember, I have been using LinkedIn for five years now. Back then, I only used it to find colleagues or collaborators who could possibly jump on board so we could work on projects together.

It was exactly three years ago when I started using LinkedIn more often, by writing/posting weekly on it. During that time, I shared a lot of information regarding the opportunities one can get as a freelancer, and I also shared statistics and opportunities for doing business in Kosovo, especially in the area of ICT. 

I have been more active the last six months though. Now I use it daily! Writing is a passion that I have had since childhood. I have written poems and stories (none of them are published though) and I have brought this passion now to my audience on LinkedIn. At first, I didn’t think that it would make such an impact. It is different now. By writing and getting to connect with people you can truly have a positive impact on the community. That is why I use this opportunity to invite all of you reading this article to start writing, communicating, and opening your horizons through LinkedIn more often. It’s amazing how writing can make one learn how to express freely. 


What motivated you to write and post on LinkedIn?

When it comes to motivation, I get it in different waves. However, most importantly, it’s the love for my people and my country that motivates me the most, and the opportunity to do community service by using social media. I was part of the Free Libre Open Source Software Kosovo (FLOSSK) organization, which aims to promote a free and open coding platform. Besides the technical part, there I also learned how to share love and knowledge, not only about coding but more broadly. Another thing I learned from other members is that community service is indeed a noble job.  


Did connecting with people on this platform help you in real life? Could you please tell us how?

Indeed, it did! Through LinkedIn I got to know a lot of people, I learned quite a lot and it helped me especially when I moved to Hamburg. Thanks to LinkedIn I met a lot of friends that live and work here. With one of the friends I met here, we have recently created an ICT community with all the Kosovars and Albanians living in Hamburg and we named it ‘Shqip ++’. This was exactly the place where LinkedIn came to us, as a networking tool.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, through my writing, I found a job on LinkedIn and I can easily say that it was one of the best jobs I have worked throughout my entire career. Thus, I emphasize the huge impact this platform has had directly on my career. It helped me grow personally and professionally.  


Did it help you grow, professionally?

It did actually! The more active I am, the more opportunities and professional connections I get. It also helped me to read and follow the courses I find there and I also follow some people who post daily on what I am interested in. Not all people are interested in having their own blog or newsletter. Thus, here on LinkedIn, you`ll find content that you are not likely to find on other platforms or social media applications.


For those in search of a job, how would you say that LinkedIn would help them?

As far as I know, LinkedIn is one of the networks that is being used by many. CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, and HR of thousands of companies use LinkedIn as their core communication platform. For those in search of a job, I advise you to focus on yourself, invest in yourself, and have professional education. And don`t forget to invest in your communication skills as well. There will be an open door for you on LinkedIn to grow professionally through the courses that it offers and the connections that you’ll create there. “Your network is your net worth” right? 

Don’t give up! Seek help from others, and communicate with people as much as you can. Share your opinion as much as you can by writing or commenting on posts. engage! And most importantly, don’t forget to contribute to the community there as well. 



Photo courtesy of Fitim Adili


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