Festivals Around The World – Second Half Of August 2019

The party time goes on and the summer has been kind. Here are some of the best festivals during the second half of August.

La Tomatina
Date: August 27
Venue: Buno, Spain
Type of Festival: Tomato fights, food fights, food and just having fun.
Tickets: Starting at 25 Euros.

Official website

Burning Man
Date: August 25 to September 2
Venue: Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
Type of Festival: Alternate living, music and art.
Tickets: Starting at 110 $

Official website

Waking Life
Date: August 14 to 19
Venue: Crato, Portugal
Type of Festival: Music, dance and food.
Tickets: Starting at 95 Euros

Official website

Dekmantel Selectors
Date: August 22 to 26
Venue: Tisno, Croatia
Type of Festival: Music
Tickets: Starting at 17.50 Euros

Official website

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