Best Festivals Around The World In February

In many parts of the world, February is a month of looking forward to spring. All around the globe there are festivals which say goodbye to winter and welcome new life, traditionally with noisy and colourful celebrations. Here are the major ones.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China, January 5th – February 28th

Let´s start with the 32nd Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China. This year the theme is “Pearls on a Crown of Ice & Snow”.  An incredible city, built from snow and ice, will amaze you. The festival opened on January 5th and will end on February 28th.

Chinese New Year: January 21st –  February 20th

The next important festival in February is the Chinese New Year, traditionally celebrated in China, but catching on all over the world. The official celebration takes 7 days, starting February 7th and lasting until February 13th.  Traditionally the celebration lasts 23 days, and the most important days are Chinese New Year’s Eve, February 7, and Chinese New Year’s Day, February 8. The year 2016 is the year of the smart – but also moody and arrogant – monkey, so let´s see what she will bring.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: February 5th – February 9th

Four days of samba, colourful costumes, and great fun. High time to book tickets, air fares, and hotel rooms to experience one of the most magnificent festivals in the world.

Carnival of Venice, Italy, January 23rd – February 9th

Countless events including the Grand Masquerade Ball in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. There is still time to get an original costume and hurry into the spectacular world of Venice.

The Battle of the Oranges 2016, Italy, February 6th – February 9th

Another Italian festival, a three-day-long battle of the oranges in Ivrea, in Northern Italy. About 500,000 kilograms of oranges are thrown on this occassion every year. A celebration dating from the 19th century as a protest against tyranny caught on and became a major celebration after WWII.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival, February 20th – 22nd

An annual event organised in Rajastan, India. Vibrant and colourful costumes and people dancing and singing ballads to introduce the folk culture of the area. The festival starts with a procession of traditionally dressed people, men on camels or riding horses, carrying swords, sporting mustaches and turbans as symbols of masculinity to try win the title Mr. Desert, ending with a grand entry into the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. 

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