Adventures on Mountain Roads

While travelling in Uganda, I got into a situation where I really thought that the end was at hand. The road narrowed steadily, hand in hand with the declining quality of the surface, until we reached a point where there was no way even to call it a path. The car precisely fit the width of the path, leaving the minimum leeway to avoid falling off the cliff on one side and scraping the car against the rocks on the other. To add the imaginary icing on top of the cake, the entire stretch was covered with mud, and the fact that we had a 4WD vehicle didn´t help is as much as would have been desired.

To keep it short and obvious, we survived. The car had to be turned back and the journey continued by other means, but the process of doing it was way more than exhausting. A photo would have been appropriate, but my thoughts were somewhere else. 

There are other places like this, and here is a list of the most perilous roads you can imagine.

Road between Gilgit and Skardu in Karakorum mountains in northern Pakistan / Photo: Shutterstock

A mountain road in Leh district, Himalayas, Northern India / Photo: Shutterstock

High-altitude road in the Himalayas / Photo: Shutterstock

The bus on the way to Punakha to Trongsa, Bhutan / Photo: Shutterstock

Guoliang hang wall highway, Hui county, Henan province, China / Photo: Shutterstock

Old Silk Route between China and India, Sikkim / Photo: Shutterstock

Mountain road near Salta with the National park of “Los Cardones” the background, Argentina / Photo: Shutterstock

Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah / Photo: Shutterstock

Traffic jam on themountain road in the Chinese Himalayas / Photo: Shutterstock

Kabul River Gorge / Photo: Peretz Partensky

The Death Road, La Cumbre-Yolosa, La Paz, Bolivia / Photo: Marco Antonio

Snow Covered Mountains Along Colorado’s “Million Dollar Highway,” US Route 550 / Photo: Alan Stark

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