10 Mantras To Aid Your Mental Health

From living in the moment to taking your time, preaching mantras can help you find purpose. Here are 10 of the best.

In 2015, I was part of a Peace Revolution retreat in Ohrid, North Macedonia. 

Back then, I was just starting to figure out a whole new horizon that lay ahead of me – a horizon of mindfulness. 

We woke at 4am, to meditate beside Lake Ohrid, and it was pure blissfulness. 

I had been meditating a little bit at the time, but experiencing meditation with Peace Revolution monks was a whole different level. 

And there was something specifically powerful that I did not understand, but that impacted me on a great level – the OM and the mantra that the monk repeated slowly. 

The mantra was Hindu, yet, it managed to speak directly to my soul. 

And my curiosity for mantras did not cease there. I managed to understand what they serve for and how they can help us out through repetition. 

A mantras’ origin is from Hinduism and Buddhism, and in its purest context, it’s considered a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. 

But mantras go way beyond a repeated word. They can boost your self-affirmation, relaxation, ease depression, stress and anxiety and generally induce a better sense of well-being.

Here are 10 mantras we have selected, to help you become your best mindfulness selves.


This Too, Shall Pass

A relief captures our beings, when we understand that everything in life runs its course, has its flow, and it will someday go away. 

Nothing is permanent, so make sure to look at the bright side of this.


I Am Following My Own Pace

In the era of the internet, comparing ourselves and achievements has become one of the main causes of distress. 

Throw analogies away. Acknowledge that you’re in your own lane, following the pace on which you’re comfortable with.


I Have Control Over My Breath

It is amazing just to what extent we can fool our nervous system if we want to, only by managing to control our breath and having it under control! 

Try it out, inhale and exhale deeply, to become less alert in different situations that require a dose of panic.


Let It Go

We hold on to so many toxic people and toxic situations. When either of them has consumed you, stop and repeat it to yourself: I am letting this go. Let this go! 

And walk your path a little bit lighter from releasing the burden off your shoulder.


One Step At A Time 

This is a personal mantra of mine, that I use daily, especially when I become a prey of toxic productivity. 

shutterstock 1118487203
Stepping Stones: Take your own journey one step at a time

Set aside the workload, and list your ambitions. Understand that you’ll only achieve success if you take things slowly, one step at a time. Otherwise, chaos will overwhelm you.


My Body Is My Home

This is of severe importance. Once you learn to see your body as your sacred home, you will begin to understand the importance of eating well and exercising, as well as getting enough sleep. 

You will do what’s best for it, as you do not want to collapse the house you live in, do you?


I Am My Own, Unique Self

Remind yourself that your struggles and anomalies make you who you are. 

Nobody can ever be just the same, so appreciate your uniqueness for what it is – extraordinary.


This Is Not About Me

If we stop and think, every interaction we have with people is a result of the relationship they have with themselves. 

That’s why in every conflict or difficult communication, think of this: you’re not the problem. 

Their approach has its roots, and it’s in these people’s early experience with the world. 


I Will Take My Time

Really, you’re not in a rush for anything at all. Everything can wait and everything depends on your mental, emotional well-being. 

Acknowledge that you will take all the time you need, to heal, move on, improve and take care of yourself. 

While we’re at it, take a long bath, and repeat this mantra to yourself. The impact will be very rewarding.


I’m Fully Present 

This is one of the most difficult things we must improve on – being fully present. 

While we’re having our morning coffee, we wander and think of tasks we have to complete throughout the day. 

If we could stop and look at the trees and flowers around us with amazement, the day would go a whole lot better. 

Promise yourself to enjoy the moment and be fully present in it. Those tasks can be done when the timing is right and you’re actually at work.


Bottom Line

Although traditional mantras are usually used during meditation and are said in Hindu, you can also start creating your own mantras, adapting them to your situation and your state of being. 

You’ll know what mantra suits you best, if you see that repeating them from time to time as affirmations gives you a sense of relief, tranquility and joy.

This month we are highlighting solutions on mental health – including things like toxic productivity.

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