Why Going to a Summer School Really Matters

The value of a summer school does not end with a myriad of benefits such as lively social life or preparedness for one’s professional life. It has positive repercussions on a person’s career, which is instantly injected with vigour.

The career benefits of attending a summer school are endless: access to better universities, a stronger CV, transferable skills and not to mention an edge over one’s peers. By listing some of the skills you developed during a summer school, your CV will look better and employers will have more reasons not to throw it in the ‘rejections’ pile.

However, the most important perk of a summer school is the fact that it helps develop transferable skills which can be employed in different environments, starting with the work place and ending with social circumstances. Developing ‘people’ skills [the ability the interact well with other people] is essential in a job setting, but other aptitudes such as time management and English skills are also improved while attending a summer school.

For all these reasons and more, Youth Time has invested skills and dedication into a program which promises to embrace a multitude of formats: participating in workshops, meeting other social entrepreneurs from across the globe, as well as being inspired by master classes such as “How to defeat stress” or “The art of negotiation.” The interactive workshops offered by Youth Time during its 2015 Summer School in Hamburg, Germany tackle up-to-date topics such as public diplomacy, conflict, decision-making and stereotypes, while simulation games ‘The Ark of Noah’ and ‘Risk’ teach participants “how to make difficult decisions and subsequently take responsibility for the decisions they make,” President of the Youth Time International Movement Julia Kinash said in an interview.

In short, the Youth Time Summer School, which is held between 18-22 June, helps participants enhance several skills, such as interpersonal communication, effective communication abilities which help them excel at expressing themselves through media, project development, personal and organizational skills. For the fifth consecutive year, Youth Time is aiming to help participants discover themselves and their best assets, but this time its ace in the hole is its main topic, namely “Crisis and Society: Issues of Management”. The potential risks that lurk around every corner of the society will be dissected and participants will be taught how to make decisions under pressure and in situations that require special attention, as Mrs Kinash pointed out.

This high quality event is meant to bring together young professionals and experts from different fields to exchange thoughts during informal working sessions and to reach timely conclusions.  

Going to a summer school has a massive impact on a young professional’s life, not only because it gives them a preview of what it’s like to attend certain seminars and lectures, but also because it gives them international exposure. Although getting into a highly competitive university may not be the reason why people choose to attend the summer school offered by Youth Time, researchers at Bristol University found in 2012 that 76 per cent of those who get into a summer school go on to an elite university. The “summer school effect” has many creditworthy perks, and the one provided by Youth Time is no different.

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