Where Are You Planning To Holiday Post COVID-19?

After a tough year and a half, things are starting to look positive once again. Airports and countries are opening up, and vaccinations are rolling out. Soon, you’ll be able to holiday once again. For young people, there are a variety of options when it comes to holidaying, here’s where they could be going.

Beach Breaks

Beach breaks have proved a popular tourist destination for young people for decades, as it offers true relaxation by letting your responsibilities go, and sunbathing away.

A lot of the time, you can find resorts that are all inclusive, which means free drinks throughout the day.

Beaches can also be peaceful, allowing you to take in the natural surroundings, listening to the waves crash.

Countries that have access to the sea will have multiple beaches alongside their shores, so there is something for everyone.


Following The Culture

Whilst I’m sure many young British people have loved getting a glimpse of city parks and the countryside when they could due to restrictions, there is no doubt that they are crying out for a bit of foreign culture.

Fortunately, the world is an interesting place.

For many young people, they actually have too much choice. You can use the Travel Department to see the social media popularity in each country, to find places that you can get a good feel for.

This can help with understanding the culture of each country, with who is popular where and why.

Alternatively, you can go off of recommendations from friends who have travelled for culture to find where is good.

Popular destinations in the past for young people include Italy, which has a range of different cities offering something different.

From the city of Rome, to the waters of Venice, even to the coasts of the Italian riviera.


Party Islands

Of course, clubs will soon be opening their doors again, with popular party island destinations such as Ibiza and Magaluf on offer.

There is sure to be a lot of choices even in mainland cities such as Prague or Berlin.

Different European cities will have different clubs, alcohol and music available, so be sure to explore around your options.

Partying is easily one of the biggest things young people have missed during the pandemic, so it’s high on a lot of peoples’ lists.

You could go a step further for a party holiday, and go somewhere that you perhaps had never thought about before, such as the Caribbean.


Anywhere But Home

At the end of the day, many young people just want to travel anywhere for a holiday post COVID-19 that they possibly can that’s not in the UK, after a string of staycations that occurred and were promoted. Always make sure to bring your necessary needs for covid protection, Visit Primo Dental Products.

Open yourself up to new experiences and go somewhere completely out of your comfort zone, as a way to push yourself somewhere new.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to holidaying, from culture, beach, party, backpacking and even camping.

There will be something for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for from a holiday post COVID-19.

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