University Decides To Ban Newspapers, And Students Protest

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events.

Record number of graduates in the UK with first-class degrees

New data published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency shows that one quarter of undergraduate students in the UK are now graduating with first-class degrees. This is a large increase from 17 per cent in 2012. Employers claim that it is becoming difficult to to pick the right job candidates because a majority of students have top grades on their CVs. Many universities are planning to introduce supplementary character reports through which detailed breakdowns of academic performance will be available and not only grades. Another important fact is that a record number of female students enrolled at British universities in the last year.

The first centre for Brexit studies will be launched



Birmingham City University will be introducing the first centre for Brexit studies, where students can learn about subjects related to Brexit, national security, trade and business, cultural identity, and hate crime. It is believed that research on national and regional issues related to Brexit will be conducted. The centre will try to cover studies from both the ”Leave“ and ”Remain” standpoints. An official launch is planned for the 26th of January at Hotel La Tour in Birmingham.

University decides to ban newspapers, and students protest

Queen Mary University and its student council members have decided to ban The Sun, Daily Mail and The Express, and students were not consulted on this issue. Because of this, the Free Speech Society has decided to hand out free copies on campus. Queen Mary University has joined a list of 30 institutions that have boycott these publications, but the Free Speech Society believes this is dangerous censorship. The Queen Mary Student Union has said that this is a commercial boycott that will ensure the Union does not derive any kind of profit from the sale of these newspapers and that students can buy them on their own if they want to. Since these newspapers often have stories about marginalised groups, Queen Mary students stated: “The Union should continue to stand in solidarity with refugees, migrants, ethnic minorities, and other marginalised groups.”


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