Understanding Millennials: 2016 Edition

We all know language is a living organism, and that it gets improved and enhanced each year. The time has come when Millennials are taking the lead in creating and determining the path along which the English language will be developed. Each year, new phrases and words are added by young people, so one can even say that the largest demographic in the world today – the Millennials – are speaking in codes as fewer adults each year are able to understand what they are saying. So to keep you updated, here is an overview of the phrases that were introduced in 2016 and that are changing the English language as we have known it.


The term “lit” is used by the Millennials to describe something that is fun.

Example: This party is so lit!


No, we are not talking about sea travel, we are talking about relationships! In an era when time is everything, Millennials are shortening terms, so “ship” today means you are giving your approval of someone’s relationship.

Example: I so ship Eddie and Marissa


Now this word is probably one of the most disturbing enhancements created by the Millennials as older the generation argue that it isn’t even grammatically correct. However, Millennials don’t seem to care, and they use this word to describe being aware of what is going on.

Example: You watch the news each day? You’re so woke!

#Low #key

This phrase is not brand new as it has been used occasionally in the past. But Millennials put it back in the game in 2016, and it is used now more than ever. It means not wanting anyone to know about something.

Example: I low key applied for that job.


Now this is a phrase you had to hear during 2016 if you were alive. It means being perfect/on point. It has been used God knows how many times as a hashtag on Instagram, usually for selfies, fashion, or outfit photos.

Example: That outfit is snatched.

#Goals #AF

And we are back with controversial phrases. This phrase I am pretty sure does not need an explanation, but here is one, just for the older audience. Goals AF (As F***) is used to describe things you want or strive for.

Example: Her body is goal AF.


You all remember the Eminem song called Stan. If you are too young to remember it, get on YouTube now and play it. So this term is introduced to describe a stalker or a fan of someone.

Example: She is such a Taylor Swift stan.


Do I really need to spell this one out? This term in its full length says “to die for”. It is used when something is so good – to die for!

Example: That wine is TD.


This is quite a common word in the English language, but be very careful if a Millennial describes you as extra, it might not mean what you think it means. The term extra in 2016 is used for people who are trying way too hard; you can also call them wannabes.

Example: He has been so extra since he got that job.


Here is one more term that hits the spot with grammar-nazis. As you all might have guessed, this is a “now” way of saying you are 100% certain of something.

Example: I am hundo P going to Italy next year.


Here is one for the girls! This word is a combination of honey and c***. And there you have it – hunty. It was made popular by the drag queen community and usually has a passive-aggressive sense to it.

Example: You are so much better than him, hunty!

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