“Twin Strangers”: Finding Your Twin on Facebook

Have you ever wanted to find your twin? Although it seems quite improbable, in a world with almost 7 billion people, chances are some of them do look incredibly similar to you. Before the Internet, finding your twin seemed to be a crazy idea but now that almost everyone has an account on social media, you can actually embark on a search for your doppelganger.


The idea of doing exactly that came to three friends in Ireland. Niamh Geaney, Harry English and Terence Manzanga are behind the “Twin Strangers” project, a challenge to find their lookalikes in 28 days. Whoever manages to do that wins the competition. 

The way they approached it was through creating a website and setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, asking one question: Do you look like me?

Two weeks later they found themselves drowning in about 6,000 messages a day, where people asked them to find their twins, too. “The power of social media is so crazy, so intense, you would not believe it,” said Geaney for Washington Post.

According to her, people are fascinated with finding out what the “other you” is like. Geaney herself managed to find her twin after her friend linked her on Facebook with Karen Branigan, who shares similar facial features and expressions.

What was even more interesting is that both shared similar interests and personality traits, which they discovered after they met in person. This has inspired some to wonder why some people look almost identical without being family members. According to some experts, this might also be due to the environment in which we grow up. This includes one’s diet, sun exposure and physical activity.

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