Top Websites Where You Can Build Your Portfolio as a Writer

There are various ways you can display your work for potential clients. For any writer, blogger, or journalist, having a well-organized portfolio is the best way to showcase their skills and stand out from the pool of writers.

In this current era, online is everything! Having a greater effect on human lives completely, from career to health, food, lifestyle, and personal relationships, its power is on everything. Let’s take a closer look at your career, mainly when it comes to a freelance career your web presence directly affects your ability to succeed. If prospective clients don’t know your reputation, they need a quick, easy way to access your work and your level of professionalism.

Although social media accounts help, it doesn’t completely get the job done, you will need more than your social media account to get the client’s attention. That’s where your online portfolio comes into play. A simple online portfolio can help you a great deal, it can promote your work as a freelance writer and help you land clients.

An online portfolio is basically displaying your works on a website for clients’ reference. Whichever website you decide to display your work on, you should aim for two things — a website that has an easy-to-read feature and a website that doesn’t have an uncluttered design interface. A client should be able to decide if they want to work with you in 15 seconds. If they can’t decide after 15 seconds, then you have too much going on in your portfolio. Here are some easy-to-use portfolio websites to choose from.  



Squarespace is an effortless drag-and-drop website builder that offers an amazing visual experience. Their templates give off a clean, minimalist, and sophisticated appeal. This website provides a writer with options to incorporate designs into their work, unlike traditional portfolio websites. Their visual design gives your work a unique look that can hold potential clients’ attention whenever they visit your page. An interesting and top-notch feature is their 24/7 client support via email or live chat from Monday to Friday, whether you are stuck at midnight or dawn whiles building your portfolio they are available to assist you. It is not free, but it has a free trial, it also cost $12 per month for a personal website with a free custom domain.



Writerfolio leaves a first and lasting impression on your potential clients. The platform allows unlimited writing samples, with a variety of themes to choose from. Writerfolio can also be called an easy fill-in-the-blanks setup, they have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee — if you are not happy with the platform they will refund you your money. Before signing up there is a free demo for your trial before committing. Membership cost $4 per month which comes with an online portfolio domain name (



LinkedIn is quite different from the other platforms. It is one of the world’s largest professional networking sites. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your online resume, there are a couple of ways to showcase your freelance writing portfolio here. There is an article publishing button, that displays the featured image, title, and excerpt of your written content. You can add the link to your article to your LinkedIn profile’s featured section to spotlight your work. The platform already has millions of potential clients. Recruiters are always on a search hunt, your profile and posts are a gateway to landing an opportunity.


Journo Portfolio

This platform gives you several advanced features and customization options for your portfolio website. It offers nine different themes and the unique ability to customize them. They also have other examples of portfolios shown on the website as inspiration. Creating a dashboard portfolio on this site is simple. Another interesting feature is the range of ways you can share your materials, the platform provides a link directly to clips, and you also upload almost any kind of multimedia, including PDFs, videos, and images. Journo Portfolio also helps you keep track of your metrics, there is built-in analytics to show you how many visitors your site has had, how long they spent on the site, and where they came from.


 The Freelancer by Contently

The Freelancer by Contently is a portfolio website specifically for freelance writers and journalists. The platform also serves as a place to find work and connect directly with clients. The platform allows the user to display an unlimited number of posts, potential clients can filter a writer’s work based on the clients you’ve worked with previously. It is free for writers as well.



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