Top 8 Online Jobs You Can Get Without Any Experience

Jobs that require no experience are still jobs and you can earn a decent amount of money in return for your labor. If you are not certain what type of roles to look for here is a list of jobs to consider that require little to no experience.

You are very likely to come across ads online that say: “Make $500 a week working from anywhere just 5 hours a day, no experience needed!” or some comment from someone on social media: “I make $200,000 a year working six hours a week sitting on my couch.” Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true, there is no special trick needed to help you make money online. There are legitimate online jobs that require little to no experience.


Proofreader or Copy Editor

Proofreader or Copy Editor- Jobs
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Proofreaders ensure that written text is error-free. Proofreaders are often the last set of eyes to see a text before it’s printed, published, or posted online, and they check documents for any grammatical errors, incorrect formatting, or styles. To excel at this role, you need to have a strong command of the English language and have a keen eye for details especially on spelling and grammatical errors to ensure accuracy and clarity. 


Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant- Jobs
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Virtual assistants provide administrative support to people, who could be small business owners, an individual, a celebrity, etc. There’s no limit to what you can do as a virtual assistant, and it depends on the environment you work in. People are busy and need help with their daily routines like planning travel, answering emails & calls, managing social media pages, websites, etc. The barrier entry to getting this job is not too high and you will learn new things every day.


Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative - Jobs
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A customer support representative is one of the most reliable ways to get full-time work remotely, this is because almost every company has a customer service department. This means there are a lot of full-time customer support roles where you can get earn a good income, work at a great company, and build your career. 



Receptionist- Jobs
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Another easy job that pays well without no experience is a receptionist. Receptionists are the face of the company, their role stems from picking calls, attending to customer needs, and assisting them with specific business activities of a company. Every organization needs a receptionist, hence the role is needed and easy to get it.


Freelance Tour Guide

Freelance Tour Guide- Jobs
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If you love traveling and exploring, it is time to share your experience while making some money on the side as a freelance tour guide. Freelance tour guides don’t have to limit themselves to any field. This role requires you to plan the entire tour: from planning the itinerary to the supplies needed. Depending on your interest, you can be a sightseeing guide, land guide, or water guide.


Call Center Worker

Call Center Worker- Jobs

Call center roles are available in various industries such as telecommunications, retail stores, banks, insurance agencies, health care providers, etc. Consumers always have complaints, that they need assistance to rectify their issues. You will need to demonstrate great skills and patience, as your goal is to make customers happy.



Transcriptionist- Jobs
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A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio files and writes down what they hear. They transcribe interviews, legal meetings, business conferences, or lecture notes into written communication that can be used and often turned into books.


Translator and Interpreter

Translator and Interpreter- Jobs
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If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could use those skills to work as an interpreter or translator. As an interpreter, you could convert or explain spoken words from one language to another and as a translator, you could convert written information from one language to another.


Most well-paying careers are hard to come by or require years of experience. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot secure high-paying jobs that require no experience. As you have seen above, some opportunities will earn you a decent income. Some have a minimum educational qualification, while others are all about chasing your interest. Identify what you are passionate about and what you have an eye on and explore any of the highlighted careers.


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