Top 5 Cafes In London For Studying And Working

London is one of the world’s most popular student cities with the best universities around the globe. There is something for everyone in this city and this is also true about comfortable cafes ideal for studying and working. Here are the top 5.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

It is quite easy to miss this café as it is inconspicuous but very special. There are two floors with plenty of space to work. For those who don’t like the background noise and prefer to study in a quieter environment there are lots of spots hidden away in certain parts of the café.

Timberyard, Old Street


This café combines the atmosphere of an office with the warmness of the home. Tasty food, no shortage of plugs, ample space, free WiFi and decent coffee. And those who hang around long enough can receive free stuff when the place is closing up. Amazing.

The Fleet Street Press



This place is right opposite the Royal Courts of Justice and offers good coffee to the busy people of Fleet Street. The seating area below the shop is good for group studying and although always full of people, it never gets too noisy.

Benugo Café, Southbank



This café is always full of people working away on their laptops so visitors don’t have to feel bad about using the free WiFi for long periods of time. However, the amount of plugs might not be sufficient so everyone should come fully charged.

Google Campus, Shoreditch



Google Campus hosts a variety of startup and entrepreneurship-related events and has a lower ground café open for everyone. Plenty of plugs, high-speed WiFi and inspirational people around. Just make sure to register online (for free) with the campus in advance.

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