Top Three Benefits College Graduates Look for in a Company

Today’s college graduates look for more than just a place of employment. They are eager to make a difference in the world and they pay attention to other things than just financial gain and job security. In addition, young adults care about corporate culture and work-life balance a lot more than previous generations of workers.  

What are college graduates looking for?

Therefore, it is mandatory for companies everywhere to adjust their offers and methods of finding the right candidates.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top three incentives every company should consider adding to their hiring process.


College Graduates Look For Employee Relocation Incentive

Many college graduates come from small cities or even rural areas and would be quite happy to experience life at a big company, in a big city.

However, rent and life expenses are not that easy to handle, once they graduate, especially if they don’t have any solid prospects.

Therefore, some of them may move back home, in search of a job that fits their education and provides them with various benefits. 

Large companies should extend their talent search to neighbouring small cities and talk to the best candidates about employee relocation benefits. It is a great opportunity to find amazing people, suited for the position you’re offering.

Moreover, by supporting their efforts, you create the chance for a long-term collaboration based on loyalty and respect for your company’s values. 

What should be in the relocation package? 


Career Development

Besides benefits to pay the bills, the next most important thing for a young graduate is career development.

While they may be happy to start from a lower position, young talent is almost always focused on growth and development. 

Therefore, college graduates will rather accept a lower-paid position, if it allows them to get involved in the day-to-day activities and will grant them some responsibilities with the promise of growth. 

Moreover, companies also benefit from this deal as they get to mix fresh energy and original thinking in their talent pool.

Young employees are always the most eager to make their mark and bring positive change through their work, which is a great way to drive productivity and get the other employees pumped up. 


A Healthy Work-life Balance 

The new generation of workers is composed of millennials, and they can be difficult to understand for old-school companies where rigid office hours and overtime are valued over the health and well-being of employees.  

Millennials are concerned about their personal lives and want to find a balance between work and free time. Moreover, they will be more attracted to companies where remote working is possible and the focus is set on achieving goals not living life chained to a desk or phone. 

While older generations don’t like this view of life, it seems millennials are up to something.

This became even more visible during the lockdown and social distancing times when most companies had to make the switch to remote working.

As it turns out, due to modern technologies, it is possible to do your job and enjoy your personal life.  

Therefore, an incentive for college graduates and young adults is the possibility to work remotely and a flexible schedule. 


Wrap Up

The rise of the freelancing trend and the desire to become entrepreneurs, in charge of their own income, pushes many young workers on a different path than standard employment.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the talent pool is getting smaller – it just forces companies out of their old-fashion ways and forces them to take a different approach to the hiring process. 

Therefore, a company that understands a freshly graduate student’s need to have a voice and a solid impact in the projects they handle will be the one to get the most talented candidates.

And, if they add a few benefits and incentives to the offer, chances to get the best of the best increase exponentially. 

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