What’s Between You and the Job of Your Dreams?

Getting interesting job with decent pay is not an easy task and many people spend their lives wondering why they can’t find a job of their dreams. This article will help to shed light on this problem.

While there are many different factors at play, such as the current economic conditions in your country or maybe the fact that your CV doesn’t exactly stand out, it is important to be honest with yourself about the reasons why you’re not getting hired. One of the major North American work agencies Spherion came up with some very important tips on fairly assessing your current situation.

Insufficient Skills

If you would talk to a recruiter, you would probably hear very often that what stops many candidates from getting hired is applying for a position they don’t have enough skills for. Many times this occurs because candidates are not honest with themselves when it comes to their real abilities and assume they have more skills than they actually have.

Poor Interview Preparation

Not being ready for an interview is one of the worst things you can do when looking for a job. Some people just like to think that they’ll do fine with no preparation and some are just used to winging stuff, however, proper interview preparation is essential. Being prepared to answer questions and working on your posture and body language can land you a job.

Weak Resume

A good resume would paint a clear picture about your personality while also directly addressing the position you’re looking for and are qualified for. What kind of statement is your CV making about you? Does it successfully stress all of your important skills or is it just a vague piece of information?

No Future Potential

Landing a job should not be your only interest – employers like to see that you will be of value for their company. Therefore, focus on what your future goals would be in a particular company instead of only focusing on getting the position.

Not Checking Out

Surprising or not, that one embarrassing photo on your Facebook account can ruin your chances of getting a dream job. From social media to criminal checks to references – employers are interested to know as much about you as possible before making the decision. Therefore, give enough attention to detail.

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