The Way To A Productive And Happy Life

The recent years have marked a change in the way we deal with our health, comfort and wellbeing. We have never given attention and focus to these issues as we do today, and that perhaps is because of the way we evolve, adapting to all kinds of exterior circumstances, but also thanks to the development of evidence-based programs, science and technology. It goes without saying, there is always room for improvement when it comes to our lifestyles and daily habits, but little did we know, the very habits we adopt are the production of our own perception of comfort and convenience. So perhaps we need some minor changes that would enhance our productivity, improve our health and wellness and most importantly, give us more happiness and serenity. Here are 8 tips you could apply in your daily life, for a radical change that would make you a different person.

1- Breathe for life 

We do breathe every day, every second in fact. But do we breathe enough? Do we fill our lungs with enough oxygen and is the air we breathe clean?
Take a moment to think about your breathing habits, and make sure your lungs are as healthy as they need to be. Morning breathing exercises are helpful to start a good day.

They release the stress and the anxiety you might suffer from and stimulate your blood circulation, spreading more oxygen into your body. Avoid unclean areas and places with a lot of dust and smoke and go for the green. Trees are your lungs’ best friend. It might sound like an insignificant exercise, but trust me, or better say, trust your lungs.


2- Drink for better tomorrow 

As suggestive as this might sound, it does not refer to anything alcoholic. It refers to drinking water, obviously. Not drinking enough water throughout the day may cause unwanted damage that sometimes we have to go see a doctor for; headaches, fatigue, insomnia, loss of focus and much more. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps you avoid these problems and maintain a youthful, healthy and energetic body.


3- Meditate for the presence 

You don’t really need to fly to India and hike thousands of meters to some Buddhist temple to meditate. Meditation is a process of cleaning one’s mind and cleansing one’s spirit. Take a moment, as soon as you wake up early in the morning or later in the evening and sit still without being interrupted.

Close your eyes and make sure you feel comfortable the way you are sat. Avoid any contact with the physical world and do not think. Empty your mind and float. Floatation is the essence of meditation. It helps you get rid of all the stress and tiredness that come in our daily lives and teaches you patience, gratitude, and inner peace. Those are 3 great things to possess.


4- Read for the whole life 

I know it is tempting to check your Facebook notifications before going to bed, or taking part in that one last group chat, but turning off your phone and reading a book, even if it’s just one page, will do you more good than your Smartphone would. It is proven that reading enhances our mental and cognitive capacities. It helps us relax and disconnect with whatever worries us in the outside world. As it becomes a daily habit, reading makes us more relaxed and less stressed. Plus, reading is learning!


5- Love and embrace

Love your family and friends; they are the greatest treasure you could find. Love your neighbors; they are your brothers and sisters. Love your pet, your job, unless you feel you need to change that, embrace the opportunities your life gives you and love every second of them, because you live only once, and that makes your life precious and valuable. Don’t forget to embrace your potential, your strengths, and ambitions; they will always be valid, and important. Love yourself, because if you don’t, who will?


6- Plan, still you need to have a plan 

Don’t let your day, week or life go unplanned. Random might mean lucky, as it might not. Take some time to plan the tasks of the day, prioritize them and take a small break to celebrate each accomplished task before proceeding to the next. Draw a clear path, where it leads to and how to take it, even if it is for the smallest things, that helps us maintain an organized life, employ our true potential and be more productive without spending too much time thinking about what to do and how to do it.


7- Sleep and rest 

Yes, you read it right! Sleep is your best friend if you want to unleash your true potential. This, of course, does not mean to stay in bed all day, but rather, reward yourself with a good 8-hour sleep every night that would help you regain energy, rest your body and mind and improve the different functions of your organism.

Go for a dark quiet place, a comfortable bed, and pillow, and make sure to go to bed mind-cleared. Excessive thinking either about the past or the future will not help you get a good night’s sleep. Just think about it as a long 8-hour night time meditation.


8- Positivity is the new peace

As cliché as this might sound, it actually is true. Maintaining a positive attitude helps you achieve all the previous 7 points and gives you an unlimited amount of energy, patience and peace. Be positive to keep your ambitions and dreams alive, to make your life enjoyable and unrestricted, and make yourself a better person, always grateful for the present, always looking forward to the future.

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