The University Of Oslo Closes Its Outpatient Clinic

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Funding cuts for top-rated scientists

Over the past five years, The National Research Foundation’s parliamentary grant in South Africa significantly declined. A person who is an A-rated scientist was eligible for R500,000 over five years. Starting from this January, these types of grants will come to an end. For instance, an A-rated scientist will now be eligible to get R50,000 in January, with no further funding available. CEO of National Research Foundation Molapo Qhobela said that these measures were necessary because foundation simply does not have enough money to continue with the programme.

More international students denied visas

The beginning of this semester at California State University, Long Beach brought an unexpected issue of dozen visa denials for students entering the university. This represents sharp increase, three times more than last year. U.S. officials abroad mostly denied visas to international students from India, Iran and Turkey. “Our international students really bring perspectives into the classroom that enrich the entire intellectual atmosphere,”said Terrence Graham, the university’s associate dean for international programs.

The University of Oslo closes its outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic where patients were treated by psychology students at the University of Oslo’s institute of psychology is closed down. There was a discussion whether the treatment of patients was in compliance with the law. Emeritus Law Professor Aslak Syse declared that practices at the clinic were in accordance with Norwegian law, while new rector of the University of Oslo took the decision without any formal discussion. This has lead other universities who have outpatient clinics, such as those in Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø, to ask themselves whether their practices might be illegal.

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