The University of Mumbai “Produces” More Billionaires Than Many of the Leading American Universities

The Singaporean company Wealth-X and the largest Swiss bank UBS AG have published the results of the “census” of billionaires for the year 2014. 

It analyzed the level of education of the highest and mightiest. Surprisingly, the University of Mumbai made its way into the top ten and turned out to be the only non-American university on the list. The University of Pennsylvania got to the top rank with 25 billionaire graduates, followed by Harvard, Yale and the University of Southern California.

The University of Mumbai boasts 12 billionaires and took 9th place (the University of California and Berkley have the same number of prominent graduates), leaving behind the London School of Economics and Political Science. This study also showed that 35 percent out of the 2 325 billionaires in the world, whose total wealth amounts to $ 7,3 trillions, do not have any university degree at all.

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