The Ultimate Guide To Hostels

Even in these challenging times, hostels are still a cheap way to see the world. Here are the best tips to make your stay unforgettable.

Hostels are becoming more and more popular in the last five years, especially with young people. They are many awards such as the best hostel in the world, continents, countries, cities, but the famous one is Hoscars – the Hostelworld Customer Annual Ratings that are created by customer’s reviews.

Relation with the Oscar is obvious, that implicating that hostels have their own language, popularity, system, and prestige.

We can find the hostel’s growing popularity in fact that hotels became a bit boring, too official, expensive and predictable such as made by the same mold.

Hostels are a cheap version of accommodation and every one of them is unique and exciting. Because of that, we decided to give you some basic guidelines to find your ideal hostel and to have the best travel time ever.

Go With Somebody You Know Well

If this will be your first time booking the hostel, we recommend you not to go alone especially if you are not used to being with too many people in dormitories. Hostels are cheap because you are paying for a bed, not a room, so it can happen that there will be more than four, even 16 people, in the same room.

For the first time, make the experience easier by having company, some person that you can share a new experience and talk with.

Different people, different habits, which is the charm of differences: breaking the boundaries and making you a more tolerant person. Every escape from your comfort zone is one step forward, isn’t it?


What Is Not Considered?

When you are going to the hostel, you should always have your personal towel, slippers, shampoo, pad locker, and all necessary things that you are usually getting in the hotels, but those are not considered in hostels.

It may happen that you will find it there, but it is always better to have a fully equipped backpack than to pay extra money for something that you already have – you came there to save money not to spend it unwittingly.

This is similar to when you are going camping but not under the blue sky full of stars.


What Is A ‘Must Have’?

If you want to be fresh and relaxed, you should have with yourself earplugs and eye cover, and to keep it religiously.

Seriously, it can be a weird situation to wake up next to somebody you don’t know because of hard snoring or opening the window in the morning.

Everybody has different habits and you cannot do anything about that.

What backpackers would never say?

Save Your Money On Repeat

There is one more trick how to save more money. During the low season which means January, February, March hostels are almost empty and you can find a room in the main center of capital cities for less than 10 euros.

Usually, if you book the hostel through the hostel’s original site or their email, you can get a discount of five or 10%.

Make sure you check the hostel’s site and compare prices from all of those sites. Usually, they can be different from each so invests more time to save more money.


Get Accommodation For Free

If you would like to travel and to have free accommodation, you can do it easily by volunteering at hostels for free accommodation and food.

You will work a few hours per day, learn new skills and have your own bed almost for free.

shutterstock 627977636
Labour Day: Working at the hostel can make your stay cheaper

There is no excuse not to travel around the world.

Usually, on the hostel’s sites there is a section: Work with us, before you send them your personal data and information, check with hostel’s stuff is there an option of volunteering.


Staff Are Still People

People who are working in the hostels are special travel enthusiasts and usually, they are more than official workers.

They are like friends who will respond to all of your questions but try not to bother them too much if there is no need.

Every hostel should send you hostel rules before your arrival, so try to be a good student and to read it properly. Hostels are strict about rules and everybody should respect them.


Read Carefully

Every hostel has different cancellation policies, sometimes it is seven days before arrival, sometimes one day.

The most important rule about hostels is: You cannot imply anything. The cancellation policy is, most of the time, written in small letters that you can hardly read, and on the booking sites, it is written free cancellation.

But under this is the explanation that means that is free under some certain conditions. What can we do, the world is full of traps.


Choose A Hostel With A Pub

The best thing about hostels is the people and the time you are spending with them.

They are different kinds of hostels such as party hostels, chill, relaxing, music, for writers and all of the sorts that you can imagine, just google it – it will appear for sure.

No matter which sort are you going to choose, the best option is to pick one with a pub.

shutterstock 1383971909 1
Time At The Bar: A few drinks with new people can create new friends

The reason is simple: you will have a place where you can meet other guests and have a cheap drink, for sure.

Hostels without pubs are like food without salt. Looks nice but hard to consume.


Take Responsibility

That means if somebody stole your money, documents or you lose something, they are not responsible.

Always take your important things with you and be aware of that old Latin phrase: Omnia mea mecum porto. If that was working for Latins, it will work for you for sure.

shutterstock 116226094
Pack Up: Make sure you’re careful with your things


Use Your Personality

This is not a joke. Every hostel has its own personality and attracts similar people.

It is like a human being, which, at its heart, are its guests.

So, if you would like to have some time with similar people from different countries in a place that you feel like home, you should make a reservation in the hostel that is the same as you.

Now when you know all of these basic things, your budget travel can start. Enjoy and don’t forget to expand your experience further.

When travelling around the world, walking will take up more of your time. Here are some companions for you. Alternatively, if you want to read more about hostels, try this hostel experience.

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